What is Safe ?


Safe is an unique platform allowing to compare quickly and anonymously car, home, life and travel insurance policies from best providers.

Who are we?

First of all we’re people like you!

Safe is an ever growing team of passionate, hard-working and dedicated people. We think outside of the box to disrupt the insurance business and make it fully transparent.

And why we are different?

Everything began the day our CEO bought a new car. He ended up spending whole days on the internet trying to find the right policy.All the existing comparison sites made him fill in a long, detailed questionnaire and to give his contact details so he’d be spammed for months.

He was frustrated. Then he got thinking … Safe was born!

Our mission


At Safe, we try to help people make the right decision when they’re buying a personal insurance.

We are just people who want to help you save money and get proper insurance to cover to protect themselves and their families.

For the first time ever, Safe lets you get prices and coverage details on personal insurance policies without giving ANY personal details!

With Safe, you can keep your contact details and email address secret till you’ve chosen and are ready to pay for your policy on the provider’s website. That keeps your mailbox free of spam.

Trust Safe and get ready to find out the best insurance deals on the market.

Thanks to our hard research work and a bunch of optimized algorithms, Safe has a one-page, interactive, powerful tool that can summarise the only info you want to know when buying insurance : how much does it cost, and what does it cover?


Our values


100% online guarantee
Safe is a fully digitized platform. You will get insurance quotes in a few seconds and – exclusively online.


Your privacy protected
Your privacy is our priority.That’s why we don’t ask you to leave any personal details or email address when you’re looking for insurance.

cheap insurance

Best prices on the market
Safe’s technology will match  your profile with different insurance offers and come up with customized and competitive results – the best offers for you.


Independent and unbiased
Safe gathers data from hundreds of insurers and is therefore a completely independent, and unbiased company. Above all, Safe cares about protecting its customers.

How do we get paid ?

Safe is 100% free for you to use. We are paid by insurance providers to help people getting to know their services and eventually choose them. It doesn’t change how much you pay and you won’t find cheaper rates on providers’ websites.

Once you have filled in your anonymous profile, Safe will dig into its giant database and come up with a selection of offers customized for you.

You will then have the choice of clicking on an offer (this is where we get paid) or you can leave the website and never be bothered by spam.

Already more than one million customers

Five keys to succeed

easy to use

Easy to use









People simply trust us, come back and recommend us.