Halifax Car Insurance Review

James Rodriguez James Rodriguez updated on July 7, 2022

This is the ultimate review to guide you through Halifax car insurance.

You might already know that Halifax offers several car insurance policy options.
Some are great, others not so much.

So if you want to get:

  • Better value for money for your car insurance
  • Indicative quotes
  • Tips to lower your insurance premium, then you might love the following article.

Let’s dive right in.

Is Halifax the best car insurance provider?

Getting the best car insurance deal is not all about the price. Indeed, focusing on just getting the cheapest deal might be a bad calculation when it comes to getting a good payout if you ever have an accident.

We’ve studied in detail Halifax car policy terms and conditions and given our own ratings based on different criteria.

3,0 Safe overall rating for Halifax

Our ratingOur opinion
Customer service & satisfaction

Call centres are open 7 days a week including on bank holidays
A 24/7 online self-service centre is available
Bad reviews from TrustPilot
The website is over saturated with the information of other services that Halifax provides
From reviews online, stressful claims process

Cover provided

Unlimited glass damage cover
Total loss courtesy car not covered

Value for money

10% discount is given to Halifax Online Banking customers
A 3 year repair guarantee is offered
The cancellation fees cost of £55
A sum of £25 is charged as the renewal ree

Financial strength for pay out

Strong financial capability


A 24/7 online self-service centre is available
Website is not customer friendly as it is not easy to navigate, it is clustered with information not related to car insurance.
No presence of live bot
No app or technological advancement like the Black box

Safe rating for Halifax

Expert and customer reviews on Halifax

We compiled expert and customer reviews from independent institutions, to give you an overall idea of Halifax's reputation.

Review organisationConsumer satisfaction rates for Halifax
Defaqto expert rating for Halifax defaqto 3 stars 1
TrustPilot1,3/5 based on 124 opinions
Consumer satisfaction rates on reviews for Halifax

To check if Halifax is the right car insurance for you, you can use our free comparison tool and finally compare coverage features, optional extras, excess, admin fees and customer rating without having to give any personal information.

Finally, compare best car insurance in less than 20 secs without giving your email.
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Our review on Halifax car insurance policy

Halifax is part of the Lloyds Banking Group and has therefore financial strength.
The comprehensive level of cover available at Halifax is rated 3 starts by Defaqto. The insurance company provides vandalism cover, online self help which helps the customers make changes easily to their insurance policies. Insurance policies can be properly listed out and adapted to help with clarity for the customers and make the services better.
The downside of Halifax is that you will have to pay for keycare cover, or guaranteed replacement car for instance, which are often included as standard (at least a minimum amount).

What does Halifax car insurance policy cover?

Are TPO, TPFT and Comprehensive covers available at Halifax?

Car insurance policyAvailable at HalifaxCoverage in a nutshell
Third-Party Only
  • Passengers and third party covered
  • Policyholder is not covered for any injuries or damages
Third-Party Fire and Theft
  • Replacement of your car if stolen
  • Damages caused due to theft or fire
  • Cover third-party fire and theft
  • Covers injuries to you and damages to your car
Car insurance level of cover available at Halifax

Keep in mind that you can always add optional extras to your policy.

Main guarantees at Halifax explained in details

Let's find out what does Halifax covers in its car insurance policy.

Breakdown cover at Halifax

For the sum of £29.99 per year, Breakdown cover is provided for customers. The cover offers the following:

  • Roadside assistance in the case of a breakdown
  • Provision of an alternative source of transportation for the driver and up to 8 passengers in the case that the car cannot be fixed
  • For abroad and onward travel in Europe, there is the option of getting a temporary replacement car. There is also the option of getting hotel accommodation if the car cannot be fixed instantly.

Keycare cover at Halifax

The Keycare cover that Halifax provides can be added to an already existing insurance policy at a rate of £9.49. The cover includes:

  • A £1000 cover anywhere in Europe
  • Cover which includes locksmith charges in the case that you locked your keys inside your car or at home
  • Car hire option for three days and provision of a replacement key
  • 24/7 keycare assistance option
  • A monetary reward of the sum of £10 to anyone that finds and safely returns your key.

Windscreen cover at Halifax

  • Windscreen claims does not affect the NCB
  • The cover option covers the sunroof, side and rear windows
  • 24 hours claims helpline
  • If the repair is carried out by a repairer provided by Halifax, the cover provided is unlimited. If not, the cover is limited to £150 minus the excess.

Motor legal protection at Halifax

At a rate of £30.99 per year, motor legal protection is offered by Halifax. It includes:

  • A 24/7 helpline
  • £100,000 in legal expenses if the fault is not the driver
  • Compensation for personal injury and medical expenses in the case of an accident
  • Charges for vehicle hire in the case that the car has been written off
  • £20,000 for a lawyer to help with your case if there is a high chance of winning.

Personal policy injury available at Halifax

In the case of an accident, the Personal cover policy Halifax offers includes:

  • £5,000 in the case of the death of the driver or a passenger as a result of the accident
  • £5,000 in the case of a total loss of sight in one or both eyes as a result of the accident
  • £5,000 in the case of a permanent loss of limbs.

Coverage abroad at Halifax

Abroad coverage is available under the comprehensive insurance policy and this coverage allows the holders to travel through Europe for about 60 days. The list of countries include countries within the European Union like:

Austria, Belgium , Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK.

Courtesy car at Halifax

Apart from providing a replacement or courtesy car for the duration that the damaged car is being repaired for, the policy also covers damage to a courtesy car that has been recommended.
A courtesy car would only be provided when available and a hatchback with a 1 litre engine capacity is the standard.
For other options, an upgrade would have to be made.

No-Claim Bonus (NCB) at Halifax

With Halifax, if you have four or more years of NCD, protection can be gotten for two claims in a three-year period.

If an accident was not the driver fault, the no-claims bonus is left unaffected when a claim is made.

At Halifax, you can apply for the NCB protection. The NCB protection allows you to make a certain number of claims within a period without losing your No-Claim bonus.

NCB protection claims (number per year): 2 claims in 3 years.

A No-Claim bonus is a reward that you get from driving during a long time (at least one year) without making any claim. The more years you drive without claims, the higher your NCB rate gets hence the higher the discount on your insurance premium. 

Halifax car insurance terms and conditions

How much does Halifax car insurance cost?

You'll find below indicative car insurance quotes at Halifax:

Drivers'ageMonthly premium
18 years old£108,21
40 years old £44,63
60 years old£32,91
Quotes above are for a comprehensive car insurance - eco car, clean record driver, Liverpool

Costs of Halifax insurance car policies vary widely based on different factors such as:

  • The driver’s age 
  • The date on which they received their driving licence
  • The type of car 
  • Expected repair costs if the car is damaged
  • The performance, safety and security of the car 
  • The driver’s address and how busy the streets in the neighbourhood are
  • Who drives the car (any additional driver on the policy) 
  • The driver's record of accidents and claims (number of injuries, No Claim Bonus etc.) 
  • Insurance taxes.

The higher risk you represent, the more expensive your policy will be.

Is there any promo codes or discounts available at Halifax?

Discount vouchers are available for customers:
- A 10% discount is given to Halifax Online Banking customers.
- Discount voucher providing up to a 20% off orders is provided online at Halifax.

Discount typesComment
Discounts- A 10% discount is given to Halifax Online Banking customers.
- Discount voucher providing up to a 20% off orders is provided online at Halifax.
Discounts and cashbacks available at Halifax

If you want to get a cheaper car insurance policy, another good way to do so is to never auto renew and always compare car insurance quotes.

Save more on your car insurance checking out our 13 tops tips to cut your insurance premiums!

Halifax car insurance policy summarized


At Halifax
NCB benefitYes
Uninsured driver NCB benefitYes
Loss or theft of keys£1000
Personal belongings£100
Audio equipment


Medical expenses


Liability limit for property damage£20,000,000
Legal expense£100,000
Courtesy car benefit

As standard but based on availability

Courtesy car cover

Duration of repair

Coverage abroad

60 days

Guarantees at Halifax


At Halifax
Fire excessNot Available
Theft excessNot Available
Accidental damage excess£500
Windscreen replacement excess£150
Young driver excess


Excess at Halifax

Admin fees

At Halifax
Interest charged by payment installments


Renewal fees


Cancellation fees

Cancellation fees during cooling off period: £27
Cancellation fees outside cooling off period: £55

Modification fees

Adjustment fee: £0 online/£25 by phone

Admin fees at Halifax

Other car insurance policies available at Halifax

Halifax multi-car insurance

The Multicar cover option is available for more than one car registered under the same address. For Halifax, the multi cover insurance policy allows more than one car to be insured at different levels provided they are registered under the same address.

How to contact Halifax auto insurance?

Halifax phone numbers 

You will find all important phone numbers to contact Halifax car insurance:

Contact numberOpening hours

New Customers

0330 0189539

Monday-Friday: 8am-9pm
Saturday and public holidays: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

Existing Customers

0344 2090471

Monday-Friday: 8am-9pm
Saturday and public holidays: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm


0344 2090472

24 hours a day

Windscreen repair

0330 0181889

24 hours a day

Breakdown assistance

0330 332 8474

24 hours a day


0344 209 0470

Monday-Friday: 8am-9pm
Saturday and public holidays: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

Contact numbers at Halifax

Halifax other contact details

You'll find below Halifax main contact details:

Contact details of Halifax
Email address

[email protected]

Customer account with Halifax login

My account

Social mediaFacebook, Twitter, YouTube
Contact details at Halifax

You can also contact them by mail by writing to Halifax car insurance:

Halifax Car Insurance
Fusion House, Bretton Way
Peterborough, PE3 8BG.

How to claim at Halifax?

To make a claim at Halifax, just call the claims department: 0344 209 0472.

ServiceCar claim
Claim by phone

0344 209 0472.

Claim process at Halifax

How to cancel your car insurance at Halifax?

You can always cancel your car insurance policy at any time. However, some fees may apply especially if you cancel it after the 14 cooling-off period after your contract's anniversary date.

Since car insurance is a legal requirement, Halifax as well as other insurers will renew your policy automatically at the end of the policy period without any notification from your side. However, Halifax has the obligation to send you a renewal notice within 7 to 21 days before your contract comes to an end. You will therefore have 14 days - the cooling off period - to cancel your policy at reduced cancellation fees.

For the same reason, if you cancel your car insurance policy, you must sign up to a new one immediately. Find out more on car insurance legal requirement.

You would need to have various documents ready such as:

Halifax could also refuse to cover your car any longer if you don't pay for your premiums within the time allocated, or if they find out that you omitted important information that was required by the company such as your driving experience or you if have committed a fraud of any kind. This act is known as ‘fronting’.