How to Find the Best One day Car Insurance?

James Rodriguez James Rodriguez updated on July 23, 2020

Sometimes, all you need is car insurance that will cover you for a single day. You need it fast and, of course, you don’t want to go through all the hassle of going through to take out a full car insurance policy just to cancel it a day later?

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s guide, we’re going to explore absolutely everything you need to know about one day car insurance, including what you need to look for, when you would get this insurance yourself and, most importantly, how much it’s going to cost.

Let us help you find the best deal when looking to insure for a day!

What is one day car insurance?

One day car insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers you and your vehicle for a 24-hour time period; all without having to take out a full month or yearly policy.

It doesn’t matter how long you’re driving a car for, whether it’s one hour, 24 hours, or 10 years, you need an insurance policy to cover you. It’s the law. However, most traditional insurance policies are available in monthly or annual term lengths, so what happens if you do just want the day?

Well, this is where a 1 day car insurance policy comes in. By being covered by car insurance for the day, you’ll have all the benefits that a traditional car insurance policy covers you for, all without the hassle of going through the standard policy hoops, which usually takes a lot of time and effort you probably don’t have!

If you want to find out more on what’s actually offered in a daily car insurance policy and how much it’s going to cost you, then read on!

What are the best one day car insurances?

Wondering how much is a one day car insurance policy and what it’s going to cost you?

Don’t worry, we’re not going to hold you up because we know you need to get on. Here you’ll find a table with all the best prices and when it comes to one day car insurance providers and policies.

ProviderAverage PriceFeatures Included in PolicyComments
markerstudy logo£19.79 per day
  • Maximum claim value up to £45,000
  • All policies include EU cover
  • Legal guidance offered if required
  • Offers a range of comprehensive information to help you throughout the insurance process
  • The day insurance car company uses brokers to try and find you the best deal
  • A fair number of negative reviews online regarding them company not dealing with claims quickly
ers logo£22.34 per day
  • Maximum claim value up to £60,000 for same day car insurance
  • All policies include EU driving cover up to 60 days
  • Uses brokers to find the best policy price possible
  • You can register up to five drivers on a single policy
  • Loss of keys and lock replacement included
  • Child seat cover and personal belongings cover included
  • Vehicles between 0-20 years old considered, and up to £100k in value
  • A large percentage of negative reviews saying the company is very slow dealing with claims and has poor lines of communication with brokers and customers
  • Does offer some a diverse range of policy features not common with other providers
  • Suitable policies for all budgets
xpekt logo£29.90 per day
  • Maximum claim value up to £60,000
  • All policies include EU driving cover
  • Works with brokers to help find you a good deal
  • Offers a protected no claims bonus policy
  • Offers specialist insurance policies for specialist cars
  • Considered an average insurance provider with an even number of good and bad reviews
  • Doesn’t offer a great experience for customers
day insure logo£26.22 per day
  • Allows you to add named drivers to your policy
  • Offers a range of extras, including comprehensive European cover, breakdown cover, roadside assistance (provided by the RAC), and excess protection
  • Offers policy lengths ranging from one day to 30 days, even hourly car insurance policies available
  • Used by thousands of drivers every year from across the country
  • Consistently popular, high-rated reviews from drivers of all generations
  • Can customise your quote to suit whatever needs and requirements you have for your car
  • Offers a 9-5 claims team who will help you when you need them
insure daily logo£14.09 per day
  • Allows insurance policies between one and 28 days, even single trip car insurance policies
  • Covers drivers between the ages of 19 and 75 years old
  • Does not offer day insurance for 17 years old or 18 year olds
  • Allows you to get a quote in literally minutes
  • Can add Motor Uninsured Loss Service as an optional extra
  • European driving cover is available as an optional extra
  • All applications and payments can be made online and activated immediately
  • Holds a five-star average rating from nearly 11,000 reviews from drivers across the country
  • Offers multiple and various excess amounts
  • Only offers fully comprehensive policies
  • You can apply for a policy if you have up to six points on your license
logo veygo£10.83 per day
  • Get insured for a day or extend policies to 30 days in length
  • Can be purchased online or via the dedicated app
  • Policies can be put towards your No Claims Bonus
  • Does not allow for policies if you’re the owner of the car
  • Doesn’t allow policies for previously impounded vehicles
  • Underwritten by Admiral, one of the UK’s most well-known insurance brokers
  • Offers policies for learner drivers
  • One of the most responsive customer service teams
Best one day car insurance per insurance companies

The one day car insurance price and quotes above are calculated on an average for a midnight start on an average 2015 Vauxhall Corsa being borrowed by a friend in London. Prices will change based on your personal circumstances and information provided.

When would you take out cheap one day car insurance?

You may be wondering, why would you even consider getting a cheap daily car insurance policy in the first place? What benefit would this have and what situation would this be applicable? The truth is, there’s a lot of reasons, and they all depend on your personal situation.

Some of the most common include:

  • When you’re borrowing a friend or loved one’s car
  • When you’re test-driving a car
  • Hiring a car (if insurance is not provided in rental terms)
  • Transitting goods using a vehicle that you’re not insured on
  • Driving a courtesy car
  • Get a new car and want to drive it straight away.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re borrowing a car that’s not yours and you don’t have an insurance policy on it, including when you’re not a named driver, but you only need the vehicle for several hours, a day, or even two days, you’re going to need to think about how to insure a car for one day.

When this applies to you, read on to find out how to get one day car insurance and how to insure a car for a day.

What does one day car insurance cover?

Of course, what you’re covered and what extras you get with your day cover car insurance policy will solely depend on your preferred insurance provider and what they’re offering at the time, so make sure you’re doing your research to see what’s out there and what you can get. 

However, single day car insurance policies tend to act in a similar way to traditional car insurance policies, in the sense that you have third party, third party, fire & theft, and fully comprehensive. For the best experience, some of the key features you may want to look out for include;

  • 24/7 customer support, plus a claims line
  • Breakdown cover
  • Cover against slight damage, such as bumps and knocks
  • Cover that starts immediately
  • Legal liability and cost compensation
  • The ability to extend insurance if necessary (up to 28 days or more)

What doesn’t cover one day car insurance?

There are sometimes exclusions to one or 2 day car insurance policies you’ll also want to remember, but these can differ from provider to provider, so if you’re ever unsure, make sure you’re asking the customer service representative you’re speaking too. These exclusions can include;

  • Driving a car against the description of us (such as racing or using for business purposes)
  • Being driven by someone who is not insured on an insurance policy for that vehicle.

Are there alternatives to one day insurance?

Yes, there are several alternatives you can consider if you plan on driving long-term or driving lasting over a week, for single or several day use, you’ll want a one day car insurance policy.

While there’s no better option to taking out a 24 hour car insurance policy if you’re only driving for a day or two, sometimes it’s worth thinking about making sure that a one day policy is right for you, especially since there are a few alternatives you could think about.

For example, you could become a named driver on the car owner’s policy. This way, you could drive the car whenever you want, and you’ll be covered by the same policy features they’re already covered by. Of course, the only problem with this is if you end up putting their insurance premiums up, which can sometimes be more than one day insurance is.

As a general rule, only consider become a named driver if you’re going to need to drive the car in question for over a month. Otherwise, it’s usually going to be cheaper to insure me for a day as and when you need it.

That being said, it’s important to note that one day policies are not proper replacements to traditional policies. You can get insured for a day for a 24-hour period, or they can be extended, in many cases, up to 84 days. If you plan to drive a vehicle longer than this time period, you’ll want to look into getting a traditional policy, or a black box/telematics policy.

Not only will getting one of these policies be more affordable for you in the long-term, they’ll also guarantee that you’re always covered. You don’t want to forget to pay for a day’s worth of insurance, only to find you’re pulled over and fined by the police, and maybe even taken to court.

Can anyone take out one day insurance?

If you’re wondering whether anyone can take out a one-day car insurance, don’t worry; you’re not alone. In short, yes, the vast majority of drivers can take out one day car insurance policies, but there are some exceptions to be aware of.

The exclusions you may come across when taking out a policy will all depend on the provider you’re choosing to go with, so always make sure you’re doing your research beforehand to ensure you can get covered.

However, there are some things you’ll need to mindful of. For example, there are few providers who won’t accept anyone under the age of 25 taking out a one day car insurance policy. This is simply because the risk with young drivers is too high, and the provider doesn’t want to take that risk. Generally speaking, most providers will cover you as long as you’re over 21, although some specialise in 17-year-olds and over.

It’s also worth mentioning that some providers will exclude certain bands of car, typically the more expensive models.

If you have a car between the prices of £40,000 and £50,000, there are companies out there that won’t cover you due to the premium cost ratio not being able to cover the potential compensation.

Of course, then there are the traditional policy enquiries you’ll need to think about. This includes considerations like;

  • The details of the individual car and the registered owner
  • How many miles you plan to do
  • How much is day insurance and will it suit your budget
  • Have you got points on your license?
  • Have you claimed on an insurance company before?
  • How much voluntary excess are you happy to pay?

It’s so important that you remember that you need to be covered by some kind of insurance policy while you’re driving, whether that’s a traditional policy, or a one day car insurance term. If you are caught driving without insurance, you can face up to £300 as an on-the-spot fine, and you can be taken to court while receiving points on your license.

What to look for when taking out one day insurance?

When taking out a one day car insurance policy, it’s essential you take the time to look for a policy from a provider that’s going to work for you. It’s all well and good going with the first quote you come across, but you could easily regret your decision if you need to claim and you’re getting nothing for your premium costs. 

Here are some things you may want to look out for;

Breakdown CoverIf you breakdown in the middle of nowhere, what’s your plan for getting back on the road again? One of the best policy extras you can add into your premium is to get breakdown cover that will help you get moving again, no matter what happened. Some providers will even chuck this in as standard!
Named DriversDo you want to share the driving with someone, perhaps when you’re moving house or going on holiday? If you want more than one person driving, it’s always worth looking into a policy that supports named drivers.
Ability to Extend PoliciesSometimes, you’ll end up using or needing your car longer than you originally thought, and you may need to extend your policy. How easy is this to do? While a one-day policy can last up to 24-hours, many providers can offer extensions up to 84 days!
Mileage ExclusionsYou’ll need to ensure the miles you’re planning on driving while covered will actually be covered by your provider. Some providers may not cover you over a certain mileage, and if you need to claim over this distance, they may deem your policy void and won’t payout!
Instant Policy ActivationThe chances are you’ll need your insurance policy sorted and the car out on the road as soon as possible; sometimes within minutes. If this sounds like you, make sure you’re opting for an insurance provider than offers instant policy activation!
European Driving CoverPlanning on going abroad somewhere and driving along the way? Always make sure you’re covered for European driving if you plan to head out there. If you’re not specifically covered, this will mean you’re driving illegally!
A Variety of Policy TypeAs we mentioned above, while fully comprehensive one day car insurance will ensure you’re covered for everything, you may want third party, or third party, fire, and theft options, so keep an eye open for these if it’s the policy type you’re interested in. More often than not, the latter will be the more affordable option.
One day car insurance best features

How can you find better one day car insurance prices?

There’s no denying that you’re shopping on here for the best deal you can, so how can you go about dropping your one day car insurance premiums even further? Well, if you’re looking for the very best price possible, here are some tips you’re going to want to bear in mind;

  • Check the car you’re insuring. The bigger, faster, and more expensive the car is that you’re trying to insure, the more expensive your premium is going to be. If you can, downsize the car for a cheaper quote.
  • Check how long you need to be insured for and only pay for the time you need. If you’re going on holiday and only driving for five days, just get insured for the days you’re driving! An extra will be a waste of money!*
  • If you have made claims in the past or have points on your licence, it can be a much more affordable option to opt for a black box insurance policy.
  • Pay a higher voluntary excess on your premium and you’ll be instantly rewarded with cheaper policies. However, remember if you claim, this is the amount you’ll need to pay!

It’s a legal requirement that all cars on public roads must be insured by someone. If you’re only planning to be insured for two days while you’re driving, the days in between still need to have an insurance policy. If the owner is still insured, then you’ll be legally acceptable.