Used Car Checklist - The Guide

James Rodriguez James Rodriguez updated on September 18, 2020
used car checklist

You're about to purchase a second hand car and are wondering what are the questions to ask when buying a used vehicle?

You will find the complete checklist of what to pay attention to before your purchase. Let's dive in!

What to ask when buying a used car?

We've summarized below a list of all main questions to ask yourself BEFORE buying a used car.

  • Has the vehicle you are buying ever been damaged or written off?
  • How many owners did the used vehicle have in the past?
  • Has the vehicle been imported or exported
  • Is the car recorded as stolen?
  • Is the mileage recorded correct?
  • Is there any outstanding finance?
  • What is the car's MOT history?
  • What is the up-to-date vehicle valuation?
  • Does the vehicle has any specification you need to know?
  • Has the car ever been modified?

Before buying it and to make sure you know the exact amount of expenses your used vehicle will cost you in the future, also check its car insurance group. That could avoid you paying high premiums.

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