Is Cycleplan The Best Cycle Insurance?

James Rodriguez James Rodriguez  updated on October 22, 2020

This is the ultimate review to guide you through the ins and outs of cycleplan cycle insurance. If you are riding a bike, this review might interest you!

Let’s dive right in!

What is Cycleplan cycle insurance?

While some bike insurers are recent start-ups aiming to capitalise on the new-found popularity of cycling in the UK, CyclePlan has nearly two decades’ experience to call on. It’s part of a sports specialist brokerage so it understands all levels of sport from the occasional leisure biker to the committed amateur competitor.
It provides flexible policies so you can choose your level of cover, including covering your accessories as well as your bike, and offers a ‘price match’ guarantee. If you find the same cover for less you can cancel your policy cost-free, and they’ll refund you the difference.

Cycleplan cycle insurance in a nutshell

You will find cycleplan main features :

Maximum bike sum insuredCombined value of £30,000
Multibike up to Yes
Expert ratingExcellent by truspilot
Claims paid outNot stated
Discounts available 25% Introductory discount
cycleplan cycle insurance

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What does Cycleplan cycle insurance cover?

Cycleplan proposes all this features, it can be included or you can add it to your cycle insurance policy:

Policy typesCovered
Cover for accessories

Optional between £250/£400/£1,000

New for oldYes for bikes up to 3 years old
Public liabilityOptional - between £1/£2 or £5m
Personal accidentOptional - 3 level ((£10,000/£25,000/£50,000)
Worldwide coverOptional
Cover for race or competitionOptional
Loss of earningsOptional (between £250/£500/£750)
Replacement cycle hireOptional
cycleplan coverage

Cycleplan has a "pick’n’mix"approach to cycling insurance:
Standards features such as theft are covered as standard. You must add other features to your policy to have a better protection:

  • Wordwide cover
  • You can add personal liability
  • You can add personal accident

What is not covered by Cycleplan?

Cycleplan wont cover your bike if damages are caused by:
Wear and tear
Climatic conditions
Vermin, insects
Poor maintenance, failure to to follow manufacturers’s instructions

You won’t be covered either:
in case of unexplained loss of disapprearence of your cycle
if your cycle is used for trade or business purposes
if your cycle being used for any competition involving a massed start or a triathlon or duathlon unless the competitive events extension has been purchased
in case of theft or damage to accessories,tyres and cycles boxes unless the cycle itself is lost or damaged at the same time
if the security requirements have not been met

How much is Cycleplan insurance?

The biggest factor affecting the cost of cycle insurance is the value of your bike. For a bike that worths £500, without options, premiums start from £6 which is reasonable compared to your bike purchased price.

How to contact Cycleplan insurance?

Here are the important phone numbers to join directly cycleplan:

ServicePhone NumbersOpening Hours 
Claim service +44 (0)333 400 7387

9am and 5pm Monday to Friday

General queries08000 92 92 68

9am and 5pm Monday to Friday

Contact cycleplan

How to claim at Cycleplan cycle insurance? 

You will find on this table the different possibilities for reporting a claim on your cycleplan insurance: 

How to claim?Details
When to claim?Claims should be made as soon as possible.
Claim by mail

Cycleplan Claims Department, Davies Group, PO BOX 2801, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, ST4 5DN

Claim by email[email protected]
Claim onlineNo
Claim by phone +44 (0)333 400 7387
Claim cycleplan cycle insurance

How to cancel cycleplan insurance?

You will find on this table the different ways to cancel your cycleplan insurance:

How to cancelDetails
Cancellation fees
  • Pro-rata return
  • Administration fee of up to £10 if you spoke to someone of Cycleplan to take out the policy
Cancel by phone08000 92 92 68
Cancel by mail

Davies Group, PO BOX 2801, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, ST4 5DN

Cancel cycleplan cycle insurance