Golf Buggy Insurance

James Rodriguez James Rodriguez updated on October 8, 2020

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Let's discover everything you need to know about golf buggy and insurance.

What is a golf buggy insurance?

A golf buggy insurance will cover your single or double seats golf vehicle (or buggy) on the course!

Usually you can apply for buggy insurance at an extra charge, on top of your standard golf insurance plan. Stand-alone golf buggy insurance does not exist in the UK.

What are the best golf buggy insurance?

Golfcare is among the only golf insurance provider in the UK offering stand-alone buggy insurance policy. You can choose between two options as described below:

Buggy club valueBuggy club coverBuggy club & home cover
Up to £750£32.99£39.99
Up to £1,250£44.99£54.99
Up to £2,500£64.99£74.99
Up to £4,000£84.99£94.99
Golfcare buggy insurance

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Do I need golf buggy insurance?

Golf buggy insurance is not mandatory if you do have a buggy and are using it whilst playing golf. However just like any other insurance product, it can cover you for unexpected expenses if your buggy is lost, damaged or stolen.

Standard golf insurance plan includes public liability cover which will cover you if you injure someone with your buggy. It won't cover the vehicle itself if it is damaged though.

Will I be insured to drive my buggy on the roads?

Absolutely not. Golf buggy insurance will only cover you if you are driving your buggy in a golf club .

Is my buggy covered at home?

You will need:

  • either to take the Golfcare buggy & home cover, to be protected against any loss, theft or damage of your buggy on the golf course or at home; or
  • check with your home insurance provider if your buggy is covered within certain features (contents in outbuildings, contents in garden, single item etc.).

Insurer may ask you a proof that your buggy was locked in a secured place before paying out any claim. Same if you keep your buggy at the club.

Am I insured if I rent a buggy?

You will be insured under your Public Liability Cover and up to the limit stated in your policy schedule. It means that if your buggy is theft, lost or damaged you won't get any financial compensation.

However, if, whilst driving the buggy at the golf club, you are getting injured or you damage someone's else property, your Public Liability Cover will pay, usually up to £5 million.