HC1 Form - NHS Low Income Scheme (LIS)

James Rodriguez James Rodriguez  updated on September 30, 2020

In the UK, healthcare charges are mostly paid by the National Healthcare System. However, some charges such as eye or dental care are not 100% free.

You have low income and can not afford paying for those healthcare charges?

You may be eligible for the NHS Low Income Scheme. You'll find all you need to know about this scheme as well as the application HC1 form in the ultimate guide below.

HC1 NHS Form

hc1 help with healthcare costs

Who can be eligible for the NHS Low Income Scheme?

To be entitled for the LIS, you need to:

  • be resident in England
  • do not have savings, property or investments exceeding £16,000 (or £23,250 if you live in a care home).

You are automatically enrolled on the NHS LIS if you already get Universal Credit, Income-based jobseeker-s allowance, employment and support allowance, pension credit or if you already have a valid NHS tax credit exemption.

How to apply to LIS through the HC1 form?

The HC1 form is meant for people applying to the NHS Low Income Scheme. To formalize your application, you therefore have to get and fill in the HC1 form properly, because sending it to the NHS services, who will revise your situation and decide whether you are eligible or not - upon the criteria described on the previous section.

Where to get a HC1 form?

You can get the HC1 form in most of the NHS centres of the UK or in your local Jobcentre Plus office. However, the easiest way to get a HC1 form is to download it online, on our website for example, where you will find it for free. You can alternatively order a HC1 form by post, calling the NHS number dedicated to LIS at the following number:

0300 330 1343.

How to fill in the HC1 form?

To fill in the HC1 form, you can either:

  • do it online through your NHS Business Services Authority online;
  • or by downloading the PDF version above and send it by mail.

If your income exceeds this amount, you might still be eligible for partial help through the HC3 form.

What does the LIS cover?

If you don't earn more than a specific amount, you may be entitled to apply for the Low Income Scheme to help you cover your healthcare charges. The NHS Low Income Scheme covers healthcare costs related to:

  • dental care
  • prescriptions
  • healthcare abroad
  • eye care charges
  • wigs.

Basically, all the treatments that are not 100% free.

Where to send HC1 form?

You can send you form to the address: NHS Business Services Authority, Bridge House, 152 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 6SN.

What if I am not eligible after sending my NHS HC1 form?

After you have applied to LIS through the HC1 form, it is possible that the NHS states that you are not eligible. If you disagree with that decision, it is your right to ask for a review by a so-called 'service improvement adviser'. You can do it online or request your review sending a letter by post at the following address:

LIS Review Team

Help with Health Costs
Bridge House
152 Pilgrim Street

HC2 and HC3 certificates

Once you've filled in the HC1 form, the NHS will decide whether you are eligible for full or partial help and you will then receive:

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