More Than Home Insurance Review and Quotes

antoine fruchard Antoine Fruchard  updated on July 27, 2020

Would you like to protect your home against any damage or an unfortunate event such as a house fire or theft? 

Are you wondering if More Than is the best home insurance company to protect your house?

You’ve come to the right place. 

This ultimate and up-to-date review on More Than home insurance gathers all you need to know: consumers reviews, cover details, prices, claim process, contact numbers and much more. Let’s dive right into it.

Is More Than the best insurance company for you?

Getting the best home insurance deal is not just about the price. Indeed, focusing on just getting the cheapest deal might be a bad calculation when it comes to getting a good pay-out if your home is damaged as a result of an unfortunate event such as theft, fire or natural disaster.

At Safe, we’ve studied in detail More Than’s home policy terms and conditions and given our own ratings based on different criteria for combined building and contents insurance policy.

4,0 Safe overall rating for More Than

Safe ratingOur opinion
Customer service & satisfaction
and claims

24/7 home emergency helpline
Uk-based call centres
Very high customers reviews on Trustpilot
3 stars rating for both levels of cover

Cover provided for your home

Contents maximum sum insured of £100 000
Building insurance not covering sewer pipe blockage, groundwater or trace and access

Value for money

Rates from £103 for combined policy
Access to More Than Rewards
Charges on monthly payments
NCD not available

Financial strength

Home insurance underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance Insurance plc
More Than part of the RSA Group (Tower insurance)


Well documented and organized website
Online form to report claim
No customer portal

Safe rating for More Than home insurance

Expert and customer satisfaction reviews for More Than home insurance

Review organisationMore Than home insurance reviews

Defaqto expert

Home Choice Insurance (Primary Cover): 3 stars
Home Choice Insurance (Upgraded Cover): 3 stars

Trustpilot4,3/5 based on 10,376 customers reviews
Overall Which? Score


Consumer satisfaction rates on reviews for More Than home insurance

Our general opinion on More Than home insurance

More Than (More Th>n) was founded in 2001 and now offers a wide range of insurance products such as car, home, landlord, pet insurance, travel, life or business insurances.

More Than is a trustworthy companies with great customers reviews on Trustpilot. The claim process, handled mainly through a claim form to be completed online, is prompt and efficient. The website is well documented and you can find online forms for main customer queries (payment deferrals, legal services, claims, renewals etc.)

No Claim Bonus is not available for your home insurance, nor discounts for buying combined building and contents insurance. However, you can access to More Than rewards.

The home insurance cover from More Than is only rated 3 stars by Defaqto expert, which means than it provides average features and benefits.

What does More Than home insurance cover?

What is more important than protecting your home – the roof under which you sleep with your loved ones? 

Applying for home insurance at More Than will allow you to protect the structure of your home (buildings insurance), what is inside (contents insurance) or both (combined buildings and contents insurance). 

Without home insurance, your home is exposed to any kind of risk, from a minor water leak to a fire, and you are liable for any repairs – whatever the cost this represents. 

Home insurance at More Than covers you for any damage made as a result of an unfortunate event such as theft, fire and natural disaster causing leaks, flooding, etc.

More Than buildings and contents insurance

More Than provides three main types of household insurance: 

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents and personal possessions insurance
  • Combined policy

Buildings insurance covers the structural aspects of your home. It will cover any damage made to your walls, floors, ceiling, windows, outbuildings, garages, etc. You can also extend your buildings insurance to permanent fixtures such as bathrooms, etc. Buildings insurance is for homeowners.

If you buy your property and get a mortgage for this, you will be asked to provide valid buildings insurance. Buildings insurance is not mandatory, though. However, you must know that an average claim for repairing a burst pipe for example is £25 000.

Contents insurance will cover any damage made to your belongings inside your home or in your garden (TV and other appliances, furniture, etc). In other words, it will cover anything which is not structural.

House contents insurance is highly recommended (especially in case you get burgled or if you are renting a furnished flat) but is not mandatory.

In the event of a fire, for instance, buildings insurance will give you compensation for your home structure, your walls, roofing or other structural elements damaged during the fire, and contents insurance will cover any damage made to your household appliances, furniture, jewellery and so on.

You will find below policy details for building and contents insurance:

More Than building insuranceLimits
Maximum sum insured

£1 000 000

Owner liability

£1 000 000

Alternative emergency accomodation

£30 000

Period of home’s unoccupancy cover

60 days

Repairs guarantee period

1 year

Trace and access

Not covered

Burst pipe

As standard

Blockage of sewer pipe

Not covered

Gradual build-up of groundwater

Not covered


As standard

Underground services

Not covered

Keys cover

£1 000

Flood and storm damage (except for fences)

Not covered

More Than building insurance

Limits mentioned above are part of the total sum you insured with your insurer when applying for home insurance (and not in addition to).

Let’s have a look now at Esure contents insurance limits:

Contents insuranceLimits
Maximum sum insured

£100 000

Owner liability

£1 000 000

Alternative emergency accomodation

£15 000

Period of home’s unoccupancy cover

60 days

Damage made by pets

Not covered

Contents kept in garden

£2000 (optional)

Contents kept in outbuildings (garage included)

£100 000

Thefts from outbuildings

£3 000

Single item limit for valuables


Items temporarily removed from home

£11 250 (optional)

Money in and outside the homeInside:



£500 (under personal possessions cover – optional extra)

Credit cards in and outside the homeInside:



£500 (under personal possessions cover – optional extra)

Business equipment kept at home

£7 500

Student equipment

£11 250 (optional)

Keys cover

£1 000

More Than contents insurance

More Than home insurance additional cover

On top of your More Than buildings and contents insurance, you can find additional cover such as:

Home insurance additional cover
Accidental damage cover

Optional extra

Home emergency
  • Included as standard but with higher protection available as extra
  • £200 limit per call-out as standard / up to £1000 as extra
  • up to £1000 and 1 night emergency accommodation limit
Boiler cover
  • Part of the home emergency optional extra
  • Up to £1 000 for boiler repair
  • Up to £500 for boiler replacement
Legal protection
  • Optional extra
  • Up to £50 000 for expert lawyers fees
Personal possessions
  • Optional extra
  • Up to £10 000 for personal possessions cover at home
  • Up to £10 000 for single item limit away from home
  • Up to £1 000 limit for personal possessions kept in a car
Mobile cover
Bicycle cover
  • Part of the personal possessions cover
  • Up to £2 500 limit

More Than home insurance excess

The deductible you’ll have to pay in case of claims are as described below:

For both building and contents insurance
Excess for standard claims£50 – £500
Excess for escape water claims£350
Excess for subsidence claims£1 000
Excess for personal possessions£50 – £550
Excess for keys£25
More Than home insurance main excess

More Than home insurance fees and NCD

To manage your policy, renew, cancel or modify it, More Than fees are as follows:

Fees applied to manage your More Thanhouse policy
Interests on payment installments23,62%
To renew my policy£0
To adjust my policy£0
To duplicate documents£0
To cancel my policy during cooling-off period£0
To cancel my policy outside cooling-off period£0
For payment default£0
To switch from one insurer to More ThanNot covered
Home insurance fees at More Than

How much does More Than home insurance cost?

You will below indicative quotes for building and contents insurance at More Than:

Building insuranceContents insurance
Excess£50 – £500£50 – £500
Home coverBuilding: £250 000
Contents: £20 000
Personal items: £4 000
Building: £500 000
Contents: £50 000
Personal items: £8 000
Home insurance quotes at More Than

It is very difficult to give a precise range of how much exactly will your home insurance cost at More Than as it will mainly depend on:

  • The insurance you apply for (building, contents, combined insurance, extras)
  • Your address
  • Your claim record
  • The insured value of your home and of your personal belongings, etc.

More Than will establish a risk rate, taking into account all these elements, and offer you a price based on it. 

The average cost of combined buildings and contents insurance in 2018 was £163, with contents insurance usually counting for a third of the premium (around £60) and building insurance for the rest (around £110). However, premium will be higher if you buy stand-alone building or contents insurance.

Do you want to compare the cheapest home insurance quotes? It couldn’t be easier. Just do a quick home insurance comparison using our comparison tool below. It takes only 15 seconds and is completely neutral and 100% anonymous.

More Than home insurance discounts available

Discount is given for buying combined policy.

How do I a claim on More Than home insurance?

At More Than, claims are primarily reported through the company’s website by submitting a form online. You can also call the claim management team.

You will be asked to provide your insurance policy number as well as details on claim circumstances such as date and time, pictures or other person involved.

How to claim on More Than home insurance?
Claim online

Claim form

Claim by phone

0330 100 7783

How to claim on my home insurance at More Than

If you claim is related to a criminal incident (theft, fire etc), you must call the police upfront.

How can I cancel More Than house insurance?

To cancel your More Than house insurance, here is what you need to know: 

Cancelling your home insurance at More Than
Cancellation notice if More Than cancel your policy14 days
Cancellation feesFees during cooling-off period: £0
Fees outside cooling-off period: £0
Cancel by mail

MORE THAN Customer Relations Team
PO Box 255
NR18 8DP

Cancel by phone

0330 100 7783 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

How to cancel my More Than home insurance

How to contact More Than home insurance?

ServicesPhone numbersOpening hours
Claims / Customer service

0330 100 7783

Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm

Legal Advice Line

0800 300 688


Home Emergency Helpline

0800 300 684


How to contact More Than home insurance

More Than home insurance contact details

More Than contact details
More Than address

MORE THAN Customer Relations Team
PO Box 255
NR18 8DP

Customer service email

Contact form

Chatbot available

Not available

More Than contact details

How do I log in to More Than customer portal?

Real customer portal is not available for home insurance with More Than. However, if you click on the "Existing customers" button on the landing page, you will find all the online processes to:

  • request copy of insurance documents
  • renew your policy
  • manage your payment deferral
  • add high value items
  • make a claim.

You can access those processes through:

You will also be able to register to your Legal Services account.

How do I get More Than home insurance quotes? 

To get a quote online at More Than, it couldn’t be simpler. 

You can go on our home insurance comparison tool here and compare the main home insurance deals on the market. If More Than is the company that best suits your needs, then you just click on the ‘Get quote’ button and follow the whole process explained online.

To get More Than home insurance quotes, you will need to provide:

  • Your personal information: ID, age, phone number and job
  • Your address and postcode
  • Your homeowner record (claims included)
  • Your home description (type of property, the date it was built, how many square metres inside and outside)
  • Your property related status: do you own it, rent it, have a mortgage on it, etc.
  • Extras you’d like to get on your home insurance, contents sum insured and the excess you’d like to pay.

The types of questions you will be asked are typically:

  • Are you a first-time buyer?
  • Has the property ever suffered from subsidence, cracking, subsidence or undergone any underpinning (or showed any signs)?
  • Has the property ever been damaged by flood?
  • Has anyone living permanently at the property made any home claim(s) for loss or damage in the past X years (usually 3) or had any claim(s) made against them? etc.

5 tips to reduce your More Than house insurance quote

  • Always shop around on home insurance comparison sites. If you do not auto renew and instead apply for new home insurance, you will easily be able to lower your house insurance cost and benefit from new customer discounts.
  • Increase the excess amount you are willing to pay in case you make a claim.
  • Choose the level of cover that is right for you. Insure with the right sum for both your buildings and contents insurance. If you do not have high value items, consider an ‘indemnity’ contents insurance rather than a ‘new for old’ one.
  • Opt for a policy offering No Claim Bonus to lower your premium if you’ve gone for a few years without making any claim.
  • Consider index-linked cover for building insurance to follow prices of building materials.