What Is The Best Mobile Phone Insurance?

Alexandre Desoutter Alexandre Desoutter  updated on July 24, 2020

Losing your phone or having it stolen really hurts, particularly if you have a top of the range smartphone. Mobile phone insurance can be a good solution, giving you peace of mind and protecting your bank account!

In this guide, we will explain all you have to know about mobile phone insurance, what it includes and excludes, and how much you might need to pay.

Let’s dive in!

What is mobile phone cover?

Mobile phone insurance is a policy that covers your phone in case of loss, theft or damage.

Your mobile phone might be covered as part of your home insurance. Depending on the type of policy you may only be covered if it’s lost, damaged or stolen while you’re at home, or if you have personal possessions cover, you may be covered if it’s lost or stolen wherever you happen to be, for instance at work or in a restaurant.

But home insurance generally excludes cover for paid-for apps, damage by liquids, and mobile phone accessories. If you want expanded cover, you could consider a special mobile phone insurance policy.

What does mobile phone cover can help you with?

Basic home insurance covers your mobile phone for :

  • Loss of your mobile phone in your home
  • Theft of your mobile phone in your home
  • Damages caused by a fire or a storm

If you have personal possessions cover, your insurance will also cover personal possessions such as your mobile phone while you’re away from home.

There are also specialist insurances that you can take out for mobile phones. These provide complete protection, covering risks such as:

  • Liquid damage
  • Phone accessories
  • Breakdown
  • Battery replacement
  • Unauthorized calls (up to a limit)
  • Replacement of paid-for apps.

Does home insurance cover mobile phone?

Mobile phone insurance can be sometimes included in your home insurance, so make sure you’ve checked this point with your home insurer. Also check whether your insurance is only for home contents, or is personal possessions cover that protects your mobile while you’re out and about.
Most of the time Phone insurance is included in Home insurance,but it may only cover loss or theft. Specialist phone insurance can give you complete protection including covering any paid-for apps, water damage, and accessories.

How does mobile phone insurance work?

Usually you are covered for loss, theft and damages to your phone (eg if you have a fire and your phone is damaged).
Your home insurance for mobile phone works like any insurance, so you have to pay an excess if you are claiming on your home insurance and it could affect the price of your insurance cover next year. You will have to pay the full excess even if you are only claiming for your mobile phone.

Do I need mobile phone cover?

Mobile phone insurance included in your Home insurance can be useful, but if your excess amount is high, it may not be worth claiming on your home insurance for the loss or theft of your mobile phone.
If you really want to have a complete protection, though, or if you have lost your phone a few times, you should take out a mobile phone insurance at specialist insurers. It’s relatively cheap and if you claim on it, your home insurance premium won’t increase.

What are the best insurers to cover mobile phone?

You will find in this table the best mobile phone cover, we also indicated cover limits.

Included in Home insurance

Mobile phone limit

Sheila WheelsYes£10,000
Hastings DirectYes£10,000
John LewisYes£15,000
Best mobile phone cover providers

What are the worst insurers to cover mobile phone?

You will find in this table the worst mobile phone cover, we also indicated cover limits.

Included in Home insurance

Mobile phone limit

Coop Yes£250
Age Co Yes£300
Tesco BankYes£600
NFUYesPhone’s real value limit
Legal And GeneralOptional£20,000
More ThanYes£999
Worst mobile phone cover providers

What should I pay attention to while purchasing mobile phone cover?

When taking a phone insurance, you should pay attention to:

  • The many exclusions that can apply in your case
  • whether the excess is higher than the value of your mobile phone
  • any limits proposed by the insurer
  • whether your mobile gets personal possessions cover as standard or if it is an add-on. (If personal possession is included as standard, check the cover limits).

How much does mobile phone cover usually cost?

Contents home insurance usually covers your mobile phone. The average cost of combined buildings and contents insurance in 2018 was £163, with contents insurance usually counting for a third of the premium (around £60) and building insurance for the rest (around £110).

Adding "personal possessions cover"will cost you around £50 per year and will allow you to be covered if your mobile phone is stolen or lost outside your home. Many home insurance companies include personal possession as standard in their contents policies.

What are the mobile phone policy exclusions?

You won’t be able to claim on your home insurance for your mobile phone if:

  • You didn’t take care of your mobile phone.
  • You have taken unwarranted risks such as leaving your mobile phone on the seat of your car.
  • You dropped your phone in water or you put your phone through the washing machine by accident.
  • You waited too long to claim.