What Is The Best Student Contents Insurance?

Alexandre Desoutter Alexandre Desoutter  updated on July 24, 2020

As a student, there is nothing worse than losing a laptop, room key, your tuition fees or even a musical instrument of yours. This is why having a student content insurance is necessary.

In this guide, we will explain all you have to know about student contents insurance, what it includes and excludes, and how much you might need to pay.

Let’s dive in!

What is student contents cover?

Student contents insurance is specifically put in place to protects your possessions like furniture, clothing, laptops and tablets – from risks, including theft, fire and floods, as a student in the case that you are either living in a rented apartment or student hall.

What does student contents cover can help you with?

Student contents insurance under Home insurance covers personal belongings against:

  • Theft
  • Fire and flooding

Work out how much your belongings are worth carefully. Some insurers can cover your contents up to a total of £15,000, but not all offer this much so only look at policies that can protect all of your belongings.

There is an option to add extra protection to a basic student contents insurance cover. Some of these extras are:

  • Gadgets cover: This protects things like your laptop, mobile phone or tablet if they are not covered as standard.
  • Musical instrument cover: This can cover the cost of replacing or repairing your instrument up to the sum insured, and some policies also protect accessories like pedals, stands or cases.
  • Room key cover: This can cover the cost of replacement locks and keys to your student house, and can pay for a locksmith in an emergency.
  • Tuition fee cover: This can cover your tuition fees and rent if you have to leave your course early due to accident or illness.

Does home insurance cover student contents?

Student Contents can be covered by Home insurance although it can also be a standalone insurance policy. Endsleigh for instance offers it as a stand alone policy that specifically caters to students.

With the students content cover, additional covers can be added to provide more insurance for students.

How does student contents insurance work?

Cover is usually provided to protect the policyholder against theft and damages done to your devices, accommodation as a student either staying in a rented apartment or a school hall. The home insurance for your students content works like any insurance products; an excess has to be paid when a claim is made.

Do I need student contents cover?

As a student, losing an important gadget can be very detrimental to the learning process. Having a student content cover that can cater for this in the case that it happens is a good decision.

What are the best insurers to cover student contents?

You will find in this table the best student contents cover, we also indicated cover limits.

Student contents cover limit

M&S BankUp to £100,000
Barclays BankUp to £20,000
Age CoUp to £12,000
NFU Mutual£7,500
Co op£5,000
Direct Line £5,000
Best student contents cover providers

What are the worst insurers to cover student contents?

You will find in this table the worst student contents cover, we also indicated cover limits.

Student contents cover limit

One CallUp to £3,000
Hastings DirectUp to £2,500
NationwideUp to £2,500
EndsleighUp to £2,000
SunLifeUp to £1,500
Bradford and BingleyUp to £1,000
Worst student contents cover providers

What should I pay attention to while purchasing student contents cover?

When taking out a student content insurance, you must pay attention to:

  • The value of the items in the apartment or room
  • Exclusions: what is not covered on the insurance policy
  • Amount to be paid in terms of excess
  • You must be enrolled in a university
  • The items limits when you make a claim: sometimes it won’t worth it to make a claim as the limit is not enough to cover the value, and the excess price is too high.

How much does student contents cover usually cost?

Contents home insurance usually covers student contents. The average cost of combined buildings and contents insurance in 2018 was £163, with contents insurance usually counting for a third of the premium (around £60) and building insurance for the rest (around £110).

Adding "personal possessions cover" to your insurance policy will cost you around £50 per year and will allow you to be covered if your belongings have either been stolen, damaged or misplaced outside your home.

What are the student contents policy exclusions?

For student content, cover will not be provided in the case of the following:

  • Damage resulting from wear and tear
  • Unexplained loss