Is Saga a Good Insurance Company?

Alexandre Desoutter Alexandre Desoutter  updated on July 27, 2020

You are considering buying an insurance policy at Saga and are wondering if Saga is the best insurer for you?

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In the below guide you’ll find everything you need to know about Saga: expert and consumers reviews, insurance policies detailed, recommendation, contact and much more.

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Safe’s mission is to help anyone trying to get the best value for money deal on personal insurance making the right decision. We’ve analyzed over 1000 insurance companies and contracts. You will find below our independent and neutral rating and evaluation for Saga.

Who is Saga?

Saga was founded in 1980 and is a very trustworthy company specialized in providing insurance products for over 50 years old. The company is part of Saga Group which has more than 30 years experience in the insurance industry providing several types of insurance products from travel, to cars to home and pet insurance. Their insurance policies are underwritten by a panel of leading UK insurance companies such as Ageas, Cover, Direct, AXA, etc.

What are the main insurance policies available at Saga?

Let’s discover below main insurance policies offered by Saga.

Safe overall rateOur reviews
Car insurance Get to know more
Travel insurance Get to know more
Home insurance Get to know more
Saga insurance policies

Saga expert and consumers reviews: Defaqto, TrustPilot

Saga is regularly audited by Defaqto expert rating. Defaqto ranks each company as well as policies with scores of 1 to 5 stars. Cover details, admin fees, value for money, claim and complaint process and more are analyzed and weighted.

Consumers, on the other hand, can write down their opinions on independent websites such as TrustPilot, Reevoo or Reviews which give great insights on claim process and refund as well as customer service at Saga.

Car insurance


Home insurance

Essential: 5 stars
Home: 5 stars
Tailormarde: 5 stars

Saga expert and customers reviews

Is Saga a good car insurance company?

3,5 Safe overall rating for Saga car insurance

Saga car insurance specialises in providing insurance services for drivers that are over the age of 50. On the website, there was no detail about the exact amount that would be paid per cover policy. Apart from this, the reviews gotten on Trustpilot were good in terms of customer service and availability. Also, the website can easily be navigated through and the preferred policy can be chosen. There is a live bot but it is not always available so it might take a while for enquiries to be answered if you are using this medium. However, all in all, the car insurance company can be said to be average.

In addition to typical car insurance coverage choices, Saga offers, among other options:

Breakdown cover

Saga Breakdown Assistance cover can be added to your policy at a discounted rate. There are different options to pick from for the breakdown cover and they are:

  • Essential: roadside repair and alternative source of transportation for up to 20 miles
  • Home Call: home repair is provided
  • National Recovery: roadside repair is provided in the case that you get stranded en-route
  • Comprehensive: this includes home repair, roadside repair and in provision of an alternate source of transportation in the event that the vehicle cannot be fixed at that time
  • Premier: this includes all the offers mentioned earlier and also cover in up to 55 countries and territories in Europe, Plus, if your car breaks down within 24 hours of your planned departure date in the UK, a hire car would be provided for 14 days.

Windscreen cover

Claim on windscreen, window or sunroof doesn’t affect NCB.

Motor legal protection

Saga will cover up to £100,000 of legal costs to recover uninsured losses after a non-fault accident if there is a high probability that you would win the case.

Personal injury policy

Saga offers personal cover up between £5,000 to £50,000, and this covers a wider range of injuries. It is also inclusive of a £200 per night fee if the victim is hospitalised for up to 10 days.

Besides main car insurance coverage, you can also get extra car insurance options at Saga. Get to know more, read our complete review on Saga car insurance.

Is Saga a good travel insurance company?

4,8 Safe overall rating for Saga travel insurance

Saga is a specialist travel insurance company focused on offering insurance policies to travellers over the age of 50. They have 5 star Defaqto rating and a high customer satisfaction rate of 4.5/5 based on more than 10.7K opininos on Trust Pilot. A downside of Saga is that they don’t offer a variety of additional optional cover.

We would recommend Saga Travel Insurance to travllers over the age of 50 looking for simple and affordable travel insurance policy without the need to upgrade or add more optional covers.

For single and annual multi-trip cover, age and maximum number of days limits at Saga are:

Main travel insurance policiesAvailable at Saga
Saga maximum number of days limit

Single Trips up to 120 days.
Annual Multi Trip: unlimited number of travel provided that each trip does not last more than 45 days.

Saga age limit

Over 50 years

Travel insurance policies available at Saga

You will find Saga cover details (compensations, deductibles, extras etc.) for single and annual multi-trip policies in our review.

Besides main travel insurance policies, Saga also provides extra cover such as:

  • backpackers travel insurance
  • long stay travel insurance
  • winter sports cover
  • golf cover
  • cover for business trips
  • cruise gear
  • gadget cover

>> MORE: read our complete review on Saga travel insurance.

Is Saga a good home insurance company?

4,6 Safe overall rating for Saga home insurance

Home insurance is underwritten by famous insurers such as Lloyds Bank, AXA, Ageas, Zenith, Pen Polaris, Prestige, Covea etc.

The company is highly rated for home insurance by both expert reviews (Defaqto and Which) and customers reviews and even ranked among the most popular home insurance on the market.

For standard building insurance, Saga offers top alternative accomodation, unoccupancy period, owner’s liability and keys cover.
Standard Contents insurance also provides great cover for most contents, including those in the open and outbuildings.

The Essential home insurance at Saga still ranked well but accidental damage will for instance be available only as optional extra. Same for personal possessions cover.

The website is very well documented and information is easy to access. Saga also offers competitive prices. In overall, we do reccomend this company.

Saga building insurance

You will find below building main insurance details for the Standard Home Insurance cover at Saga:

  • Maximum sum insured for your property: £1 000 000
  • Owner’s liability: £2 000 000
  • Alternative emergency accomodation: Up to £1M
  • Period of home’s unoccupancy cover: 60 days
  • Trace and access: Up to £1M
  • Keys cover: Up to £1M
  • Subsidence excess: £1 000

Alongside building insurance, you can get additional cover such as:

Home building insurance extras
Home emergency
  • Optional extra
  • Up to £2000 per call out
  • Up to £450 and 3 nights for emergency accommodation
Boiler cover
  • Part of the home emergency optional extra
  • Up to £2000 for boiler repair
  • Up to £250 for boiler replacement
Family legal protection
  • Optional extra
  • Up to £100 000 for expert lawyers fees for you and your family
Saga building insurance extras

Saga contents insurance

You will find below contents insurance details for the Standard Home Insurance cover at Saga:

  • Maximum sum insured for your contents: £100 000
  • Alternative emergency accomodation: Up to £100 000
  • Single item limit: £2 500
  • Contents in the open: £1 000
  • Contents in outbuildings: Up to £100 000
  • Money / credit card kept at home: £500 / £500
  • Items temporarily removed from home: £10 000

Alongside contents insurance, you can get additional cover such as:

Home contents insurance extras
Accidental damage cover

Included as standard (not in Essential level of cover)

Personal possessions cover
  • Included as standard (not in Essential level of cover)
  • Up to £10 000 for personal possessions cover at home, varies for personal possessions away from home (depends on the underwriter)
  • Up to £10 000 limit for personal possessions kept in a car
Mobile cover
  • Included as standard
  • Up to £2500 limit
Bike cover
  • Included as standard
  • £5000 limit
Saga contents insurance extras

Standard excess to report a claim at Saga is £100.

You will find exhaustive cover details, administration fees, contacts etc. on Saga home insurance on our review below.

>> MORE: read our complete review on Saga home insurance.

Saga discount codes, promos and vouchers

Discounts and promo codes available
Car insurance
  • Discount vouchers are provided and services such as legal protection, medical help in the case of an accident can be added to an insurance policy via these vouchers.
  • No Claim Discount available for four or more years’ NCD
Travel insurance

Yes, you can get up to 20% to 30% discount available if you apply online.

Home insurance

No discount available.

Saga discounts codes and promos

How to contact Saga?

Find out how to contact and log in to Saga on our contact page.