Is Direct Line The Best Over 50 Life Insurance Policy?

antoine fruchard Antoine Fruchard  updated on July 29, 2020

This is the ultimate review to guide you through the ins and outs of Direct Line over 50 insurance. You might already know that Direct Line has several different contract options. 

Some are great. Some are less useful. Some are simply too expensive.

So, if you want to get better value for money from your Direct Line over 50 plan, as well as indicative quotes and tips to lower your insurance premium, then you’ll probably love the following article.

Let’s dive right in!

Is Direct Line over 50 plan the best life insurance?

When taking out life insurance, there are so many things to think about. Life insurance is one of the most important insurance plans to have, as it is the best way to protect your loved ones if something happens to you. 

Direct Line life insurance has a lot to offer. Here are the main points that you should look at before taking out life insurance with Direct Line. 

4 Safe overall rating for Direct Line life insurance

Rating CriteriaSafe RatingOur Review
Customer service satisfaction, claims and support

4.1/5 rating on TrustPilot
5 star rating on Defaqto
Policy documents are available on the website
Chat bot is available
24/7 Access to a General Practitioner for medical advice
No live chat option

Coverage options

Direct Line provides cover for policyholders between 50 and 85
Free cover is provided after the policyholder’s 90th birthday
There is no need for medical examination or questioning to take out an insurance policy
In the case that the policholder dies two years after taking out the policy, a sum is given to the family members

Value for money

The over 50’s insurance can be gotten for as low as £5 per month
An M&S or Argon gift card worth £100 is given to policyholders after a six months validity period
Full cover is provided after one year
Option to reduce the premiums once the insurance policy has been in place for one year

Financial strength

Direct Line’s Over 50s Life Insurance plan is provided by AIG

Apps and technologies

Quotes can be gotten online
Very detailed information is provided on the website
Social media presence
Chatbot is available
No live chat option

Safe rating for Direct Line over 50 plan Life insurance

Expert and customer satisfaction reviews for Direct Line

Review organisationConsumer satisfaction rates for Direct Line over 50 Life insurance Plan
Experts rating for Direct Line

Direct Line insurance in a nutshell

In summary, here are the main features you need to know when taking out life insurance with Direct Line. 

CriteriaDirect Line details
Minimum age50 years
Maximum age 85 years

Up to £15,000


Smart Health services are provided at no extra cost

Direct Line life insurance in a nutshell

How does Direct Line over 50s life insurance work? 

Direct Line over 50 life insurance is a whole-of-life insurance policy. The idea is to pay your life insurance with monthly installments. The day you pass away, it pays out a lump sum to pay different expenses, such as your funeral. You can also leave a sum of money to your loved ones. 

What cover Direct Line over 50s life insurance? 

Your loved ones will receive a cash sum that can help towards:

  • Funeral expenses
  • A gift to loved-ones 
  • Unpaid bills, mortgages 

Here are the main features proposed by Direct Line over 50 insurance:

Features proposed by Direct Line over 50 planDefinition Details
Fully insured Number of years paid to be fully insured

Full insurance is provided after 1 year.

Funeral ExpenseThis is a free service. It means that the money will go directly to a funeral director and will serve to pay for the funeral.£300
Accidental BenefitIf an accident happens within the first year or second year (if it is two years before you get totally covered), your relatives will receive the cash sum. Immediate accidental death cover is provided.
Free coverThe cover is getting free at a certain age depending on insurance companies.  90 years
Direct Line life insurance with free giftInsurance companies usually propose free welcome gifts when taking out over 50 life insurance.

A £100 gift card is given when the policyholder takes out an Over 50s life insurance policy.

Direct Line Over 50 life insurance features

How much is Direct Line insurance?

How much you will pay for Direct Line life insurance for over 50 depends on a lot of factors: 

  • Your age 
  • How much cover your want 
  • Some insurers will ask if you are a smoker or not.

Here is a table that recapitulates over 50 Direct Line plan.

Min payment£5
Max paymentNot stated
Flexible paymentThere is the option of reducing the monthly premiums after a one year duration.
Monthly payment – Over 50 Direct Line Life Insurance

How to contact Direct Line life insurance?

Here are all the important phone numbers for contacting Direct Line life insurance: 

ServicePhone NumbersOpening Hours 
Get a quote at Direct Line0800 077 8306

Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm
Sat 9am – 5pm

How to claim at Direct Line03303 039985

Monday to Thursday 8:30am-8pm
Friday 8:30am-5:30pm

How to cancel at Direct Line

03303 039985

Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 8pm
Friday: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Direct Line phone numbers

What are Direct Line general contact details? 

You will find in this table all the general contacts that you would need if you want to reach Direct Line life insurance: 

General contacts
Mailing address

Direct Line Insurance
The Wharf
Neville Street

Social media 

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram



Direct Line general contacts

How to claim at Direct Line life insurance? 

You will find on this table the different possibilities for reporting a claim on your Direct Line life insurance: 

How to claim on your life insurance at Direct Line?
When to claim?

As soon as possible

Claim by mail

Not available

Claim by emailNot available
Claim online

Not available

Claim by phone

03303 039985

Claim at Direct Line life insurance

How to cancel my Direct Line life insurance? 

You will find on this table the different ways to cancel your Direct Line life insurance: 

How to cancel your life insurance at Direct Line
  • If the insurance policy is cancelled within 30 days, the premium paid would be refunded fully
  • If the insurance policy is cancelled after 30 days, no refunds would be made
Cancel by mail

Not available

Cancel by email

Not available

Cancel onlineNot available
Cancel by phone

03303 039985

How to cancel my Direct Line life insurance?

How do I get Direct Line life insurance quotes? 

Here are the different ways to get a life insurance quote at Direct Line: 

How to get a life insurance quote at Direct Line
Quote online
  • On the Home Page, Click on the "Get a quote" option
  • Select the type of quote you want
Quote phone

0800 077 8306

Get a quote at Direct Line

How do I log into Direct Line life insurance?

Click on the "My Account" option on the Homepage

Do we recommend Direct Line life insurance?

Direct Line was founded in 1984 and their over 50s cover insurance policies are underwritten by both AIG and Legal and General (depending on when the insurance policy is gotten) and they have a 5-star rating from Defaqto and a 4.1 rating on TrustPilot. Direct Line offers over 50s cover policy and a lot of incentives to its customers the 24/7 access to a GP, Protected Insurance Amount option, Funeral Benefit option. Their services are recommended as they have a high capability to pay out claims.