Smart Life Insurance: review and quotes

James Rodriguez James Rodriguez  updated on December 4, 2020

This is the ultimate review to guide you through the ins and outs of Smart Life life insurance. You might already know that Smart Life insurance has several different contract options. 

Some are great. Some are less useful. Some are simply too expensive.

So, if you want to get better value for money from your insurance contract, as well as indicative quotes and tips to lower your insurance premium, then you’ll probably love the following article.

Let’s dive right in!

Smart Life insurance reviews

Smart Life life insurance has a lot to offer. The policies offered by Smart Insurance are provided by the Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited and they have been providing life insurance for over 150 years.

Here are the main points that will help you choose if Smart Life insurance is the right insurance for you:

  • Average rating of 3.4/5 on TrustPilot
  • Average rating of 3 stars on Defaqto
  • Whole of life cover is offered
  • 2020 Platinum Trusted Service Award on Feefo
  • No live chat or chat bot option
  •  No decreasing or increasing level of cover

Smart Life insurance with free gift

Smart Life offers free welcome gifts to new suscribers :

  • A £75 Amazon gift card is given to new Family Life insurance policyholders
  • With the Family policy, the policyholders can get a 10% cashback of their first year’s premiums
  • Free Will Kit worth £100 is given to policyholders

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What should you know when taking out Smart Life life insurance?

To summarize, here are the important details to know when taking out Smart Life insurance :

CriteriaSmart Life details
Minimum age to take out Smart Life insurance18 years
Maximum age to take out Smart Life insurance64 years
Pay-out Smart Life insuranceUp to £750,000
Smart Life insurance with free gifts
  • A £75 Amazon gift card is given to new Family Life insurance policyholders
  • Free Will Kit worth £100 is given
Extras10% Smart Cashback is given after a year of successful monthly payment.
Terminal illnessYes
Smart Life life insurance in a nutshell

Smart life insurance : which life insurance policy should you choose ?

When choosing life insurance, you have to make a lot of important decisions. You have to choose between different policy types to find which one would best cover your needs. As the first big choice, you have to choose between: 

  • Term life insurance policy which breaks into level cover and another policy type called Smart Guaranteed life insurance.
  • Whole of life policy : Smart whole life insurance is an aged based policy

What is Smart term life insurance? 

  • Level premium guarantees that your loved ones get a payment if you die during a specific period of time. You will receive the same amount during a fixed period. Life insurance can be for 5,10, 20 years, etc., depending on your needs. 
  • Smart Guaranteed Life Insurance : With this life insurance policy, you select a benefit amount between £2,000 and £20,000 depending on your age. No questions regarding your medical or health situation will be asked. If you die from accidental death, your family receive 3 times the benefit amount. And if you die from non accidental death within 24 months, your family receive total sum of all premiums, and after 24 month, the full benefit amount.

What is Smart whole of life insurance?

Smart whole of life insurance is an aged based policy, meaning that there will be 5% automatic annual increase. Your life insurance policy gradually increase over years. Your premium starts low and increase over time.

What are Smart life optional cover?

You can add this extra to your Smart life insurance policy :

  • Critical Illness Cover : It is an extra that can be added to your policy, or can be combined with your standard life insurance. It pays out if you contract a disease. The illness developed must be specified in your policy contract. The most common illnesses covered are cancer and heart attacks, etc. If you become really ill, your insurance will pay out exactly as if you’ve passed away. 
  • Children cover : This is an optional cover that can be added to an insurance policy. Each insured child is offered cover of up to £30,000.
  • Optional accidental death cover : This cover provides up to £650,000 worth of cover Accidental Death cover to a Smart Life Insurance insurance policy. This cover is provided in the case that the policyholder has been involved in an accident and dies within 90 days of an accident which occurred after the start date of the insurance policy.

Can you take out Smart joint life insurance ?

Yes, you can either have a single or a joint policy at Smart life insurance.

Taking out a joint policy covers two people that are together under the same policy. In the end, it is cheaper than two single policies. It covers both of your contributions to the family. It only pays out once, and the sum will be given to the other partner if one dies. It leaves the surviving member of the couple without life insurance after the death of the first partner. 

Taking out a single policy pays for one person only. It pays out the amount chosen. Taking out two policies is more expensive, but you can choose the level you want, and it’s beneficial if the two partners don’t need to be insured at the same level. 

How much is Smart Life life insurance?

The big question is knowing how much life insurance you’ll need. Your answer to this question (as well as your age) will mainly determine the price of your life insurance:

However, your life insurance price will also depend on several factors: 

  • Your medical conditions
  • Whether or not you are a smoker 
  • Which add-ons you add to your life insurance 
  • Your salary
  • The coverage you want
  • Whether you take out a joint policy or not 

Smart Life gave an example of premium, if you take out an aged based policy, for £100,000 benefit, and for 32 year old man, life cover will cost £6.74 the first year.

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Smart life insurance contact number

Here are all the important phone numbers for contacting Smart Life life insurance: 

ServicePhone NumbersOpening Hours 
Get a quote at Smart Life0800 977 6023Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
How to claim at Smart Life0800 458 6901Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
How to cancel at Smart Life0800 458 6901Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Smart Life insurance contact

What are Smart Life general contact details? 

You will find in this table all the general contacts that you would need if you want to reach Smart Life life insurance: 

General contacts
Mailing addressLandmark Place,
Windsor Road,
Social media Facebook, YouTube
Smart Life general contacts

How to claim at Smart Life life insurance? 

You will find on this table the different possibilities for reporting a claim on your Smart Life life insurance: 

How to claim on your life insurance at Smart Life ?
When to claim?As soon as possible
Claim by mailCustomer Services
Smart Insurance
PO Box 4555
Claim by email[email protected]
Claim onlineNot available
Claim by phone0800 458 6901
Claim Smart Life insurance

How to cancel my Smart Life life insurance? 

You will find on this table the different ways to cancel your Smart Life life insurance: 

How to cancel your life insurance at Smart Life
FeesIf you cancel within 30 days the premium paid would be refunded fullyIf the cancellation is done after 30 days, no refunds would be made
Cancel by mailCustomer Services
Smart Insurance
PO Box 4555
Cancel by email[email protected]
Cancel onlineNot available
Cancel by phone0800 458 6901
How to cancel my Smart Life life insurance?

How do I get Smart Life life insurance quotes? 

Here are the different ways to get a life insurance quote at Smart Life insurance : 

How to get a life insurance quote at Smart Life
Quote onlineOn the Home Page, Click on the "Get a quote" option
Quote phone0333 321 9180
Get a quote at Smart Life

Do we recommend Smart Life life insurance?

Smart life is the result of a partnership between Neilson Financial Services and Scottish Friendly, a financial services group founded in 1862. They are well known for their flexible and affordable insurance services. Scottish Friendly, paid out 99.4% of all life insurance claims in 2018 and this shows that they are financially capable of paying out claims. They offer two types of life policies: life insurance and guaranteed life insurance. They also provide optional accident insurance, critical illness cover, children cover. They have average reviews and offer a couple of incentives like the 10% cashback, free will kit. The insurance company is recommended.


How does life insurance work in the UK?

Like with other types of insurance, it is a standard procedure: the policyholder pays a premium to a provider, with an agreed level of cover. 

Is life insurance worth getting?

Yes, it is worth getting life insurance when people depend on you financially, like your family.

How much is life insurance?

How much life insurance in the UK is depends on a lot of factors. However, with our data, we calculate that the average monthly cost of life insurance is £15. Of course, the price will depend on whether you take out joint or single life insurance, and the term of your insurance if you are not taking out  a whole life insurance policy. 

What is the best life insurance in UK?

There are lot of life insurance policy that have interesting features. Depending on these features, you can decide if this life insurance suits you. To find what is the best life insurance for you, use our tool to compare prices and offers from all the insurers on the market instantly.