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Prices shown are for a journey from July 29 to August 14, 2021 from London and with a maximum of 1 stop. They were taken from Google Flights on Monday, March 1st and may change over time. An update of prices will be done frequently.

You are tired of the British weather and spring seems to be in a very long time? Don’t worry, in this article you will project yourself in the summer! We have selected for you 10 dream destinations where you could pass your summer holidays under the sun. Forget about the pandemic and let your imagination speak!

Will it be possible to travel this summer?

That’s the question everyone think about. It is impossible to predict what this summer will be regarding Covid-19, but with the vaccination going all around Europe, the situation seems to be optimistic. However, it’s better to keep in mind that maybe there will be restrictions to travel this summer too.

Is it risky to buy a plane ticket in this Covid-19 situation?

Like we said above, there’s a big uncertainty regarding the pandemic situation of next summer. However, you could still buy plane tickets, at very low prices, especially at this moment. Indeed, the tourism industry will want to bounce back after this complicated year. Moreover, a lot of airline companies are proposing a free cancellation or the postpone of the trip when you can’t go in the country chosen.

Our 4 dream destinations for this summer from Great Britain

We have selected for you the 4 destinations that we love the most out of our top 10. These destinations are accessible from London.

Santorini (Greece): a sea and a blue sky as far as the eye can see

church 2020258 1280
View from a church in Santorini (credit: Pixabay)

Santorini is an island from the Cyclades in the Aegan sea. The two principal towns are Fira and Oia. The little white houses overcome the sea perched on the cliffs. The sun never stop to shine in Santorini and it’s the perfect place to discover the mediterranean beauty of Greece. Accessible starting from 238£ (return ticket) for a trip from July 29 to August 14, 2021.

Mallorca (Balearics): a relaxing journey on the Spanish beach

beach 2100369 1280
A creek at Mallorca (credit: Pixabay)

Mallorca is the biggest island of the Balearics in the mediterranean sea. One day you could visit Palma, the capital of Mallorca, and the other day, you could be sipping a cocktail on one of the innumerable beaches of the island. Accessible starting from 111£ (return ticket) for a trip from July 29 to August 14, 2021.

Nice (France): a French city with an Italian accent

nice 1503257 1280
View on the “promenade des anglais”, Nice (credit: Pixabay)

Nice is a french city on the mediterranean coast. Nice has a lot to offer with its beautiful monuments, the famous “promenade des anglais” and its beaches made of gallets. Plus, this city is close to Monaco and Menton, that are worth to see. You will fall in love with this French city that has an Italian atmosphere! Accessible starting from 99£ (return ticket) for a trip from July 29 to August 14, 2021.

Sardinia (Italy): a guaranteed change of scenery

waters 3188758 1280
A little place of heaven in Sardinia, Italy (credit: Pixabay)

Sardinia is an Italian island located just below Corsica. You can arrive at Olbia but then rent a car to visit all the island because of its little size. Nature dominates in Sardinia and the landscapes are breathtaking. This is the ideal place to find peace and serenity during your journey. Accessible starting from 110£ (return ticket) for a trip from July 29 to August 14, 2021.

Is it useful to take out travel insurance?

Given the current circumstances of the pandemic, it may be useful to take out travel insurance to protect yourself in the event of a sudden cancellation of your trip or any other incident that may occur on site (medical care or repatriation in particular). Indeed, you never know what can happen, and sometimes, on isolated islands, it’s better to be well insured if you want to avoid paying a large bill.

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