5 UK Islands Where You Should Have A Ride Once in Your Life

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Riding from one island to another is a pleasure that every traveler can have in the UK (credit: Pixabay)

The United Kingdom is a very vast country, which offers many different landscapes and atmospheres for motor lovers always going after new roads to discover. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have plenty of scenic paths to explore, within which very famous ones – such as the mythic EVO Triangle in North Wales. But have you ever considered the possibility of going beyond the sea, and drive the many wonderful islands that are part of our beautiful country? On those small pieces of the Kingdom, you may not enjoy the immensity of infinite lands. You will rather enjoy a one or two-days ride on pittoresque roads going by the sea, curving into small forgotten villages or deserted hills. Here is our top 5!

Isle of Man

A ferry from Liverpool will take you and your vehicle to the harbor of Douglas, on the East side of the Isle of Man. From there, a 75-miles drive will make you travel around this green hilly island, through charming curvy roads and small lovely fishermen harbors. More than enough to have fun driving a car or motorbike in beautiful countryside landscapes!

The redaction’s advice: dare a drive inland, in the most remote part of the Isle of Man, where empty roads will let you enjoy your ride.

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Driving inland Isle of Man is a unique experience (credit : Pixabay)


No need to go abroad to find exotic places: close to the Normandie coast of France, the hilly island of Guernsey offers amazing roads for driving lovers! During your loop round the coast, it is likely that you won’t feel like travelling the UK. If you pay attention, you will even be able to make a stop in the Bordeaux harbor… of England!

The redaction’s advice: transporting your car or bike from Bournemouth to Guernsey may be very expensive. You’d better consider renting a car or a motorbike for a day or two.

Lewis and Harris

In the Outer Hebrides, the island of Lewis and Harris are caught in a strange bottom-of-the-world atmosphere. you’ll probably enter this 841 square miles piece of land through the colorful little capital of Stornoway. Once you leave the city, the rest of the island is just an ideal driving field, with little lovely roads going around the different peninsulas of this Scottish far-away territory. With very little traffic on the roads, it is likely that you’ll meet more sheep than fellow drivers!

The redaction’s advice: enjoy Lewis and Harris during the spring months, when they are deserted by tourists.


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Orkney offers typical British sea landscapes (credit : Pixabay)

Let’s continue on our way to the North! At the far end of Scotland’s mainland, a boat will take you from Thurso to Stromness, at the heart of the Orkney islands. There, an awesome 110-miles scenic road will take you all around the main islands, in green landscapes of sharp lands beaten by the oceanic winds. On those early viking-colonized islands, you will probably inspire a breath of Scandinavia! 

The redaction’s advice: several bridges connect the Orkney islands between them. Don’t miss a drive and a picture on those insolite bottom-of-the-world paths.


Isolated in the North Atlantic between Northeast Scotland, Norway and the Danish Faroe Islands, Shetland is the most remote territory you will find in the UK to test your driving abilities. And what a spot! If you like feeling that the way is yours, Shetland’s tricky and curvy roads will be a blessing for you. 60 miles separate the southernmost village of Sumburgh with North Roe. Needless to say this will be a drive like never before!

The redaction’s advice: that would be a pity not to go beyond the main island. Instead, take a little ferry boat and take a ride to the North Isles, where the feeling of having reached the end of the world will be even greater!

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