Legal & General Pet Insurance Claim Form

antoine fruchard Antoine Fruchard  updated on September 14, 2020

Each insurer has its own claim process, usually filling out a claim form and send it together with evidences. However, you have to be careful, insurers only allow you to make claims up to a certain time limit after the accident or illness occur.

HelloSafe explains you how to make your claim on Legal & General Pet Insurance.

The official Legal & General claim form template

Please find here below the official claim form proposed by Legal & General Pet Insurance to its policyholders.

legal general claim form

When should I claim on Legal & General Pet Insurance?

Before claiming on your Legal & General pet insurance, you should always check what situations are covered by your pet insurance plan. Pet insurance claims concern in most cases vet fees, but not only. Death by accident or illness can also be included in some pet insurance deals, for which claims can be made. Situations in which a pet is lost or stolen can also be included in some pet insurance plans, making them valuable cases to ask for a compensation.

How to claim on my Legal & General pet insurance?

The are several steps to be taken to claim on your Legal & General pet insurance :

  • You should first gather up your vet’s bills and your pet’s medical notes
  • Fill in your part of the form (using the download template that you will find above)
  • Your vet will then have to complete his part of the Legal & General pet insurance claim form, with details of the treatment provided to your pet
  • Legal & General Pet Insurance ask you to add a full clinical history and any other vets history documents when possible

Then, once you’ve gathered all those papers, there are 3 ways to send your claim to Legal & General:

Claim on your Legal & General pet insurance by email

After you have completed your Legal & General pet insurance form, you should return it via email to the following address: [email protected]

Claim on your Legal & General pet insurance by phone

You can claim by phone on your Legal & General pet insurance calling the claims helpline at the following number : 0370 060 0078 (Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 18:00, closed on Saturdays and Sundays).

You should as well provide your insurer an invoice / receipt of the treatment for which claim for.

What to do if my claim is rejected?

If your claim is rejected, you can always contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (0300 123 9123). You have to take action within a 6 months period – starting the date you received a negative answer for your claim.