What Are The Best Hamster Insurance?

James Rodriguez James Rodriguez  updated on July 9, 2020

Do you have an hamster  and want to know if having pet insurance is worth it?

The simple answer is: yes, taking out an hamster insurance is always a good idea. You will have peace of mind,  as the main expenses will be taken care of. 

In this guide, we’ll detail all the different types of hamster insurance,  the average cost of taking out an hamster insurance and and we’ll also give you an indicative quote to find the best pet insurance for your hamster.

What type of hamster insurance is best for you?

When taking out an hamster insurance, there are usually one type of insurance offered, usually it is a 12 month insurance.

How much is hamster insurance?

It depends on which coverage you choose. You can pay more or less depending on the coverage you choose. Other factors must be considered:

  • Your hamster’s age, The older your hamster is, the more expensive it will be to insure your hamster. 
  • Where you live in the UK. Vet fees are not the same all over the UK. 

The average cost of hamster insurance in UK is about £10 and £15 per month..

What does hamster insurance cover?

Not all insurers offer the same features, so check before insuring your hamster. Here is a little table that shows what is usually covered by an hamster insurance: 

Included or notDetails
Vet fees
  • Included in all type of policies
You can ask money back for vet fees if your hamster received medical treatment
Advertising and rewards
  • Often included in Lifetime cover
  • Often not included in basics insurance
You can claim the money back for the cost of your reward and your advertising spend
Death by illness or accident 
  • Often not included in basics insurance
  • Sometimes covered by Lifetime.
You can claim if your hamster died because of an accident or because of an illness
Boarding fees
  • Often not included in basics insurance
Covers the cost of boarding your hamster if you have an emergency
Overseas travel cover
  • Often not included in basics insurance
Your hamster is covered in another country
Third party liability cover 
  • Included in basics insurance
Covers legal liability if your hamster causes damage or injury. 
For cats, there is no such thing. The owner is not held responsible for damages caused, as cats are considered “free spirits” in the UK.
hamster insurance cover

What is the best pet insurance for hamster? 

Exotic pet insurance proposes hamster insurance, here are the main features:

InsurersVet feesExcessExtraMonthly premium
Exotic Direct
  • Up to £2,000 per policy
  • Accident, sickness or disease, up to £2,000


Hamster lifetime cover

What is not included in your hamster insurance?

Often, these kind of features are not included in your hamster insurance: 

Not includedDetails
Treatment for preexisting conditionsMost insurers won’t cover your hamster's existing conditions. 
Routine medical treatmentYour hamster insurance won’t cover your routine medical treatment such as vaccinations, for example. 
Behaviour treatmentThis kind of feature is often not provided for hamster insurance. 
International cost Some insurers won’t offer to cover your hamster abroad.
Dental treatmentOften excluded from hamster insurance. 
hamster ageSometimes your hamster will not be covered if your pet is considered too old.
What is not covered by your hamster insurance