What Are The Best Senior Travel Insurance Policies?

James Rodriguez James Rodriguez updated on March 24, 2020

Are you senior years old and want to get travel insurance that’s tailored to your age range and kind of trip? 

You’ve come to the right place! 

In the guide below, we will explain everything you need to know about travel insurance for senior: is it compulsory, which cover should you get, what travel insurance terms you should pay attention to, etc.

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What is senior travel insurance?

As simple as the name suggests, senior travel insurance is a travel insurance policy for the senior age range. It usually doesn’t differ that much from travel insurance policies offered to younger age ranges, but has slightly inflated premiums. 

However, some senior travel insurance specialists may provide cover with emphasis on:

  • Particularly significant medical compensation (many medical conditions covered, compensation ceiling up to £10M or even unlimited, etc.) as we are all more likely to get healthcare problems as we get older
  • Specific extras preferred by this age range (gold equipment cover, cruise gear, etc.).

Is senior travel insurance compulsory?

The short answer is no. Travel insurance is not a legal requirement no matter your age range. You won’t be fined if you don’t get any cover for your trip – unlike car insurance. 

You may be required to apply for travel insurance only for specific visa requirements (for the Schengen visa, for example).

However, although not compulsory, we strongly advise you to apply for a travel insurance policy to cover any trip cancellation, medical or repatriation expenses you may have to face while travelling. 

Indeed, for as cheap as a few pounds per day, comprehensive senior travel insurance will provide you with both financial compensation and 24/7 assistance in case an unexpected event occurs. 

Compare the best senior travel insurance policies

72% of senior people travel twice a year or more.

Many insurers have therefore developed specific travel insurance for people senior with higher upper age limit policies, discounts for couples or families and specific extras such as cruise or golf cover, etc. Some insurers have also developed dedicated senior travel insurance for those with medical conditions.

Let’s learn about senior holiday insurance and find out the upper age limits:

Travel insurerFeaturesAge limit
logo world first
  • 5 stars Defaqto rating and 4,8/5 on TrustPilot
  • Reimburse within 14 days
  • UK-based customer service and claim team
Single trip: 100
Annual: 79
logo travel insurance 4 medical 2
  • Specialist of medical travel insurance
  • 24/7 UK based call assistance center
  • 5 stars Defaqto rating and 4,8 on Trustpilot
Single trip: 100
Annual: 79
logo explorer travel insurance
  • 4,58/5 rate on Reviews
  • Dedicated customer service according to reviews
Single trip: none
Annual: 79
logo staysure
  • 5 stars rating on Defaqto
  • claims paid within 5 working days
  • 24/7 dedicated assistance helpline
No age limit
logo fit2travel
  • Age limit –- 85 years old for both policies
  • Specialist of medical travel insurance
85 years old for both policies
logo aa travel insurance
  • No change in health clause after purchase
  • Medical expenses limit up to £15M
Single trip: none
Annual: 79
logo insure and go
  • One of the leader in providing travel insurance in UK
No age limit
logo all clear
  • Specialist of medical travel insurance
  • Covers any conditionUp to £15M medical expenses
  • 5 stars rating on Defaqto
No age limit
logo ok to travel
  • Specialist of medical travel insurance
  • Covers any medical condition
No age limit
logo good2go
  • Specialist of medical travel insurance
No age limit
logo free spirit
  • Specialist of medical travel insurance
  • Convalescence benefit covering 5 days after surgery abroad
No age limit
cooperative logo
  • Offers cashless medical expenses
No age limit
logo freedom insurance
  • No health change disclosure for pre-existing medical condition
Single trip: 85 Annual: 75
senior travel insurance comparison

While shopping around for the best senior holiday insurance policy, we advise you to carefully check medical compensation limits, age limits of policies and maximum number of days per single trip.

Use our 100% anonymous and free comparison tool to find cheap holiday insurance for senior.

Why do I need senior holiday insurance?

Did you know that a survey conducted by Which in 2018 showed that of about 10000 UK travellers of all age ranges, 64% had medical treatment while they were travelling abroad? With the senior big traveller's age range, this percentage is even more likely to grow. 

Depending on your trip destination, the medical expenses or trip cancellation fees you may have to face could really leave you out of pocket. 

Just to show you how important applying for travel insurance is, here are a few examples of what an unfortunate and unexpected event might cost you during an example  holiday:

What if….How much will you have to pay if you’re travelling in the USA without travel insurance?How much will you have to pay if you’re travelling in the USA without travel insurance (but with an EHIC card)?How much will you have to pay with travel insurance?
You need an air rescue£5,000£3,300£0
until medical expense limit is reached
You need to have surgery and stay at the hospital  £50,000£0 in a public hospital only*£0
until medical expense limit is reached
You need medical repatriation £100,000£38,000£0
usually real fees
Your baggage has been lost at the airport£1,000£1,000£0
until personal belongings limit is reached
Someone stole your money£300£300£0
until cash limit is reached
You need to cancel your trip£10,000£5,000£0
until cancellation limit is reached
Expenses you could face abroad

Applying for senior holiday insurance will prevent you from having to face any unexpected and significant expenses as described above.
Always take your European Health Insurance Card if you are travelling to Europe as it will cover you for medical care other than emergency or repatriation (until the 31/12/2020).

What are the different types of travel insurance for senior?

Seniors holiday insurance policies are split between two main categories:

Travel insurance typeExplanation
Single trip insuranceThese travel insurance policies are for one-off holidays.
You will be covered from the start of the journey until the end.
You can decide the number of days you want to be covered for. 
Annual multi-trip insuranceThese policies are made for frequent travellers going away several times a year.
It covers you for a period of 12 months with a limited duration for each trip which usually varies from 10 to 90 days.  
You would need to check whether it is more competitive to buy two or three single trip insurance policies or an annual multi-trip policy.
Family travel insuranceThese policies are designed for families.
They provide cover for any eligible member of your family listed on your Certificate of Insurance such as your spouse, children or grandchildren. 
Senior could benefit from discounts if travelling with children under 18 (or 25 sometimes), for example.
Travel insurance for senior couples These policies are for senior couples wanting to explore the world. The main advantage is that you can also often benefit from discounts while applying for a joint policy.
Types of travel insurances

What should your senior travel insurance cover?

Each travel insurance policy is different, since it is the insurer who determines the content of the contracts it offers: guarantees, compensation limits, deductibles, travel insurance prices, etc. 

However, all contracts on the market must include at least the following guarantees, applicable in Europe or worldwide:

  • Medical expenses: compensation by the insurer for your health expenses during your stay (consultation, analysis, emergency treatment, longer hospital stay, etc.)
  • Repatriation assistance to the UK: financial and logistical support by a dedicated 24/7 team for your early return to your country of residence if it proves necessary 
  • Trip cancellation and cover for delayed or missed departure: compensation if you need to cancel your trip for whatever reason or if you missed your departurePersonal liability: compensation for any damage or injury made to a third party (consider adding it as extra if not included in standard cover)
  • Baggage: compensation for any lost or theft of baggage while travelling (consider adding it as extra if not included in standard cover)

Most of the time, travel insurers offer different formulas. Cover types involved are usually the same but the compensation limits and deductibles vary. 

When applying for holiday insurance for senior, you should pay close attention to: 

CompensationAverage amountGood to check
Medical expenses compensation amountFrom £5M to £10M
(depending on your medical situation and your destination)
  • Are surgery and stays in private hospitals included in medical compensation?
  • Will I need to pay for medical fees upfront?
  • If I have a pre-existing medical condition, what exactly is included?
  • Is any kind of emergency treatment included?
  • Will any’“accompanying person’ fees be reimbursed (extra travel, accomodation, car rental)?
  • What is the excess you’ll have to pay for a medical claim?
  • Do you have the option to choose a no excess policy?
  • Is there a 24/7 free-of-charge and UK-based assistance landline?
  • Is unlimited overseas assistance provided?
Repatriation compensation amountReal fees
  • Is any transportation mode included (by alternative schedule flight or by air ambulance)?
  • Is repatriation under the supervision of a nurse or a doctor taken into account?
Trip cancellation / curtailment£5,000 - £10,000
(depending on your destination)
  • Is trip cancellation included as standard or as an option?
  • Which reasons exactly are included to get compensation for your trip cancellation (e.g. medical appointment postponed)?
BaggageMinimum of £1,500 limit
  • Is it only valid during return transport or during the entire stay?
  • Do you need the receipts for any belongings for baggage claims?
  • Is the limit fixed by value?
Missed departure, delay Minimum £500 limit (minimum £200 limit for delay)
  • Are all justified reasons for missed departure covered? 
  • How many hours of delay to qualify for compensation?
Personal liabilityAverage £2 million limit 
  • What is the limit by article and valuables?
  • Don’t focus on overall limit only
Legal expensesAverage £15,000 limit
  • Does it cover any lawyer fees (including appointment fees)?
What your senior travel insurance should cover

Always carefully check the age limit and compensation amounts as well as deductibles you’ll have to pay in case you need to make a claim. For medical expenses, always get your insurer to accept them before paying if you need to advance fees.

What are the should-have features for your senior travel insurance?

Maybe you would also like to be covered with nice-to-have protection add-ons while travelling. Here are some examples below: 

CompensationAverage amountWhat you should particularly pay attention to
Money and cashMinimum £500 for money
(pre-paid tickets, travellers cheque etc.)
Minimum £200 for cash
  • How long can you make a claim to the police to be covered? 
  • Is there a 24-hour claim limit?
Dental emergency Minimum £250
  • What is included in emergency dental care? 
  • Cosmetic will most of the time be excluded
Loss of passport or documentationMinimum £250
  • How many nights are covered?
  • Do you need receipts of any additional fees incurred?
What are the nice-to-have features of senior travel insurance

What senior holiday insurance extras might you go for?

We’ve noticed that the senior age range particularly pays attention to extras such as:

ExtrasWhat it will cover you for
X day upgradeAvailable until a certain age limit only at main insurers.
Allows you to extend your single trip policy if wanted without having to apply for an annual one.
Cruise gearCovers fees due to cabin confinement or missed departure due to bad weather at sea and inability to reach scheduled port.
Gadget coverCovers your gadgets from theft, accident, loss, liquid damage, unauthorized calls, etc.
Golf coverCovers your golf equipment, any emergency equipment needed, non-refundable golfing expenses.
Sport coverCovers your sport activities, any emergency fees you may have to face during practicing, etc.
Single item Covers your valuables up to £X instead of the standard personal belongings limit.
Extras available for your senior travel insurance

What does senior travel insurance not cover?

Most travel insurers will not give financial compensation for: 

  • Any claim made as a result of a pre-existing medical condition or pending diagnosis undeclared at the time of purchase
  • Any claim made as a result of you being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Difficulties due to natural disaster, war, civil unrest (look out for strikes)
  • Any claim made as a result of a terrorist act (except if you took out this cover as an option)
  • Any claim made as a result of extreme sport practice not disclosed at the time of applying.

We would strongly advise you to carefully check your policy booklet for the main exclusions before leaving home. 

What if I am senior years old with pre-existing medical conditions?

Whether you’re turning 18 or you’re senior, travel requires you by law to disclose any information regarding your health condition. 

When you apply for senior travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions, you will answer a set of healthcare questions. This is called screening. You will not be asked to provide your insurer with a doctor’s certificate to show that you are fit to travel but you are required to be honest about any illness diagnosed at the time of purchasing your travel insurance policy.

Not disclosing this kind of information is called fronting, and it could invalidate your medical claim when you are trying to get compensation for medical expenses you paid for abroad. 

A pre-existing medical condition is typically one for which you have been diagnosed and have received treatment before you apply for any travel insurance policy, regardless of whether this is short or long term. 

Here is a list of the most common pre-existing medical conditions you will need to declare:

  • Diabetes (with insulin injections)
  • Heart-related condition (stroke, cardiomyopathy, etc.)
  • Any respiratory illness (lung problems, asthma)
  • Blood-circulatory condition (high-blood pressure, high cholesterol)
  • Any mental or physical disability (depression, etc.)
  • Any neurological problem (e.g. Alzheimer’s)
  • Any treatment related to cancer care
  • HIV 
  • Any allergies
  • Crohn's disease
  • Hernia conditions
  • Any drugs or medication prescription, etc.

The exact definition of what counts as a pre-existing medical condition and what needs medical screening may vary from one insurer to another. Carefully check our reviews as well as insurers’ policy booklets to be sure your medical history is taken into account and will not invalidate any medical claim you may make.

Get to know more on pre-existing medical condition travel insurance here.

How much is senior travel insurance?

Senior travel insurance might be slightly more expensive than the age ranges below. However, if you haven’t declared any pre-existing medical conditions, inflation of premiums might not be significant.

The table below shows indicative quotes for seniors applying for travel insurance policies:

Age rangeSingle trip to USASingle trip to EuropeFamily single trip to EuropeAnnual multi-trip to Europe
50 - 60£49.87£14.12£65.68£29.83
60 - 70£95.46£27.51£78.95£55.84
70 - 80 (if available)£147.15£41.26£92.70£82.82
80+ (if available)£198.84£56.72£108.16£103.06
Senior travel insurance prices

Single trip to USA / Europe: 10 days travel, single individual, no medical history disclosed Family single trip to Europe: 10 days travel, 5 individual (3 children under 18), no medical history disclosed Annual multi-trip to Europe: Single individual, no medical history disclosed

It is, however, quite difficult to give precise ranges of how much a travel insurance will cost for you as prices are based on a wide range of criteria. It will mainly depend on:

  • If you’re going for a single or annual multi-trips as mentioned above
  • If you’re subscribing to upgrades such as cruise, business or gadget cover
  • If you have pre-existing medical conditions 
  • The duration and destination of your stay
  • If you’re travelling alone, with your partner, a group or your family
  • The financial limits you’d like to get in case of a claim
  • The excess amount you’re willing to pay
  • What you will be doing abroad (winter sports).

What else should you pay attention to while shopping around for senior travel insurance?

While shopping around for holiday insurance for senior, always pay attention to:

  • The upper age limit of the policy you applied for.
  • The compensation amount you will get in case of a claim by consulting our up-to-date reviews on each insurer (especially for medical expenses, trip cancellation, personal liability, baggage and personal belongings).
  • The deductible amounts you’ll have to pay in case of a claim (don’t forget that you need to pay the excess on each claim).
  • The exclusions you may have in your policy (sports, strike, cancellation trip due to carrier default, etc.).
  • Coverage included in policies or available as upgrades (winter sports, business trip, etc.).
  • The claim process (100% online? How many days do you have to make a claim?).
  • The maximum duration of each trip included as standard (at least 31 days).

Never forget to disclose any pre-existing medical condition you may have to your insurer before leaving.