Covermywedding Wedding Insurance Review and Quotes

James Rodriguez James Rodriguez  updated on July 27, 2020

Are you getting married, and wondering if Covermywedding is the best insurer to cover your event? 

You are at the right place!

In the below review, we will tell you everything you need to know about Covermywedding Wedding Insurance: prices and cover breakdown per level of protection available, contact details, claim process and much more.

Let’s dive in. 

Is Covermywedding the best insurer to cover your wedding?

You may already know that going always for the cheapest wedding insurance premium is not the best option when it comes to getting refund in case something goes wrong while planning your event.

At Safe, we strive to help any UK resident getting married to get the best wedding cover to organize such a beautiful day with complete peace of mind. This is why we’ve dug into Covermywedding’s policy booklet and attributed our own neutral rating based on five weighted criteria as shown below. 

3,4 Safe overall rating for Covermywedding

Safe ratingOur opinion
Customer service & satisfaction
and claims

Easy to access policy information and prices

Poor customers satisfaction reviews on Defaqto

Cover provided for your home

4 levels of cover and up to £40 000 cancellation refund

Excess waiver, marquee cover and increased supplier failure amount, extended public liability as optional extras

Civil ceremony cover available from £18,99 (4 levels)

Value for money

Average rates

Standard excess same for all levels: £50

No promo code when purchasing directly online

Financial strength is traded by Blue Insurance Limited

Authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority


100% online quote process

Claims handled by phone or email, not online

No chatbot or mobile app

Safe rating for Covermywedding wedding insurance

To get the best deal for your event, compare Covermywedding wedding insurance with other wedding insurance deals on the market. 100% free and anonymous.

Expert and consumers reviews for Covermywedding wedding insurance

Review organisationCovermywedding wedding insurance reviews
Trustpilot2,7/5 based on 19 opinions
Expert and consumers reviews for Covermywedding wedding insurance

What does Covermywedding wedding insurance cover?

You will find below Covermywedding wedding insurance breakdown per level of cover. Limits mentioned are a maximum of compensation you can get, depending on what you spent.

Policy name

2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars
Cancellation£5 000£10 000£25 000£40 000
Bridal attire (wedding dress, wedding suit)£2 000£5 000£6 000£10 000
Wedding gifts£2 000£5 000£6 000£10 000
Cash and voucher limit for gifts£250£250£500£1 000
Photo or video£2 000£5 000£6 000£10 000
Wedding cake£2 000£4 000£6 000£10 000
Wedding rings£2 000£4 000£6 000£10 000
Wedding flowers£2 000£4 000£6 000£10 000
Liability coveragePersonalPersonalPersonalPersonal
Liability limit£2 000 000£2 000 000£3 000 000£5 000 000
Transport£2 000£5 000£6 000£10 000
Supplier failure£2 000£5 000£6 000£10 000
Covermywedding wedding insurance

Policies purchased after 10th of May will no longer refund cancellation amount if the wedding is cancelled due to Covid-19.

How much does Covermywedding wedding insurance cost?

You will find below Covermywedding wedding insurance premiums:

Policy name

2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars
Covermywedding wedding insurance

However, you may find better value for money deals shopping around and compare Covermywedding wedding gifts, flowers, rings and cancellation cover with others insurers’ offers. Compare 12 weddings insurance plans in a few secs only, 100% anonymously.

You can adjust your wedding insurance premium getting optional extras such as:

  • marquee cover
  • extended public liability
  • extended supplier failure
  • excess waiver.

Can I get Covermywedding wedding insurance promo code or vouchers?

Check on our comparison tool to be aware of latest promo codes and vouchers available at Covermywedding.

How to claim on Covermywedding wedding insurance?

To claim at covermywedding, you must address your claim at the White Horse Administration Services Ltd by mail, by email or by phone.

Contact details
Claim by mail at Covermywedding

White Horse Administration Services Ltd

PO BOX 5633


West Midlands


Claim by email at Covermywedding[email protected]
Claim by phone at Covermywedding

0044 (0) 1733 224 845

How to claim on my Covermywedding wedding insurance

How to contact Covermywedding wedding insurance?

To contact Covermywedding, you can refer to the table below:

Phone numbersOpening hours
Customer service0333 355 6184

Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 16:30

Saturday: 09:30 – 16:00

Sunday: 10:00 – 14:00

Wedding claims helpline0044 (0) 1733 224 845

Not stated

Covermywedding wedding insurance phone numbers
Contact details
Contact by mail

1 Neptune Court, Vanguard Way

Cardiff, CF24 5PJ

Contact by email[email protected]
Covermywedding wedding insurance contact details

How to cancel my Covermywedding wedding insurance?

If you wish to cancel your wedding insurance cover, whatever the reason, you always have the right to do it within 14 days of receiving your wedding insurance policy documents. You will therefore get full refund of the premium you paid (providing that you haven’t made any claim and that the wedding event has not taken place).

After this 14 days cooling-off period, you can cancel at anytime, but you may not be entitled for a refund. Check with Covermywedding.

Covermywedding is also allowed to cancel your insurance policy if there is a valid reason to do so, as long as they give you a 14 days notice letter. You will therefore get a total refund. Valid reasons include:

  • bad or abusive customer behavior;
  • failure to pay on time;
  • failure to provide documents.

Our opinion on Covermywedding wedding insurance?

Covermywedding offers 4 level of cover from £5000 to £40 000 cancellation amout. Premiums are not highly competitive but the company offers the possibility to add optional extras such as extended public liability, extended supplier failure, marquee cover and excess waiver.

Covermywedding also provides insurance for civil ceremonys. The company has average reviews rate of 2,7 out of 5 on Trustpilot.